Big three champion number update!Nadal leads the grand Slam alone, djojo still leads the total

2022-07-20 0 By

Spain’s Rafael Nadal overcame a five-set battle to beat no. 2 seed Dmitry Medvedev in Sunday’s Australian Open final to claim his 21st career Grand Slam title.After Nadal won the Australian Open this year, the number of big Three titles has been renewed.After winning this year’s Australian Open, Nadal took his tournament total to 58.The 58 major championships include 21 Grand Slam titles, 36 Masters titles and one Olympic gold medal.Nadal has the most Grand Slam titles, one fewer Masters titles and more Olympic gold MEDALS than any of the other two.The Australian Open is nadal’s 63rd career Grand Slam tournament, and he has won 21 titles in 63 appearances, an average of one for every three Grand Slam appearances.Djokovic has won 62 major championships, including 20 Grand Slam titles, 37 Masters titles and five year-end finals titles.Djokovic has the most Masters titles of any of the three, as well as the most grand Slam titles of any of the three.Federer now has 54 major titles in his career, including 20 Grand Slam titles, 28 Masters titles and six year-end finals titles.Federer leads the other two in the end-of-year finals tally, and has lost ground in several other categories.The older Federer has gotten, the harder it has been for him to win another tournament.