You know what?The bouquet for awarding the Beijing Winter Olympics was written by this pudong aunt

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The medal bouquet of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be made of “Shanghai Style knitting knitting technique”, which is a municipal intangible heritage and will never fade.However, few people know that li Meili, the inheritor of this skill, is a Pudong resident.Recently, Xiao Bu came to Lingyi residential area, Dongming Road, to listen to the story behind li meili’s inheritance of skills.Li Meili, 71, who looks much younger than her actual age, has been practicing the “Shanghai style knitting technique” for more than 20 years.In 2000, as an employee of Heng Yuan Xiang Group, she received a new project to develop knitting products before retirement, and finally chose knitting flowers.The idea was recognized by the company’s superiors, and the finished flowers she knitted were very satisfactory — before long, each of hengyuanxiang Group’s more than 3,000 outlets across the country would be decorated with a bunch of yarn flowers.As a matter of fact, over 100 years ago, the knitting skill was introduced to China’s coastal cities from overseas. Chinese craftsmen combined it with traditional Oriental knotting techniques and developed it together in Shanghai, gradually forming the “Shanghai style knitting skill”.In 2009, “Shanghai Style knitting skill” was listed in Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage list by Shanghai Municipal Government. Hengyuanxiang Group is its protection unit, and Limeili has become the representative inheritor of this skill.She told Xiao Bu that the “Shanghai style knitting technique” basically uses crochet needle and rod needle to knit by hand, which integrates the patterns of traditional elements and has the inheritance value of intangible cultural heritage.Over the years, Li Meili’s works continue to expand the influence, in the China International Import Expo, her creation of “spring, summer, autumn and Winter” cashmere bonsai was also amazing.In keeping with the concept of frugality and sustainability, the medal bouquets for the Beijing Winter Olympics have been hand-knitted instead of the traditional cut flowers.Li’s beautiful works caught the eye of the organizers, and she was responsible for the design, training, quality inspection and final assembly of the award bouquet.The design process took months.In the final bouquet, she used seven flower and plant images, including the rose representing friendship, the lily of the Valley representing happiness, the hydrangea representing unity, the olive branch representing peace, the laurel representing victory and justice, the osmanthus representing harvest, and the Chinese rose representing perseverance.The bouquet, tied with blue and white ribbons, was shaped like the Chinese character for winter, but also like a skier, with features of ice and snow sports.”It takes a skilled worker 35 hours to weave 197 petals, branches and leaves for a complete medal bouquet. We have prepared 800 bouquets for the Winter Olympics, with 160,000 petals, branches and leaves, which are divided by knitting societies in seven regions across the country.”Li Meili introduction.Li meili and her husband “have persevered for so many years, and I am very grateful to my husband for supporting me.”Li Meili also believes that living in such a harmonious and livable residential area provides a harmonious environment for her work.”I have discussed with Zhou Yinliang, the general secretary of the Party, that we can go to the Party and mass service center of Dongming Community after the Festival to give knitting classes for everyone, so as to better inherit and promote this intangible cultural heritage skill.”Li Meili said.Source: Pudong