Wind and wind flow sand, if you are wild, MY wine will accompany

2022-07-19 0 By

Years of merciless destruction of old people, the life of light and shadow crisscrosses, for who and stay, the clock of life toward a direction called the future walked, youth we gradually old as willow flocculent fly eyes, eventually into the water of food, with water to the distance.When we are young and meet the love of the wild person, we will movie popcorn together, will also walk the streets to buy the joy of the flower, drink a cup of double straw milk tea, eat cold ice cream was melted by us, the time looked at our happiness, also follow slip away.Day, day old, dusk love has been telling, flowing, happy, lovely, we yearn for a good time, tick tick tick world, there are flowers and vision.Like your angry expression, like your singing mood, like you nest on the sofa watching emotional video, like mountains and rivers because of your arrival to wake up wonderful, like your wild expression package, “like” become the world’s most important, the most affectionate word.Elegance is a flow of sand, old age is a period of time, but twilight is a reference to the world of mortals, passionate love is a period of deep understanding, my heart, I understand, I love, fill the wine, toast to accompany.