The more noodles you eat, the faster your blood sugar rises?To stabilize blood sugar, keep these 3 things in mind when eating noodles

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Noodles are a kind of food that we are familiar with. Whether it is noodles with fried sauce, noodles with oil or noodles with noodles, each of them is delicious and has its own unique taste. However, some people say that eating too much noodles will raise the blood sugar in the body.Is that true?As a northerner, there is a lady who likes eating pasta very much. Two of her three meals a day are replaced by steamed bread, noodles and other pasta.Among these staple foods, her favorite food is noodles. Her taste is light. She always has a clear soup of noodles and adds some green onion to meet the energy needed by her body.But not long ago, she found a problem, she often appeared dizziness headache phenomenon, so went to the hospital for examination, only to be told by the doctor that she was suffering from diabetes.After learning her eating habits, the doctor gave the woman advice.The doctor said that these substances are particularly easy to change the glycemic index in the body, and this woman eats a lot of noodles, naturally, blood sugar will rise faster.After knowing the answer to the question, many people will feel particularly helpless. Is it true that diabetic patients can’t eat noodles?In fact, not all people who love eating noodles will cause abnormal blood glucose. If we can master some skills when eating noodles, we may be able to avoid this problem and stabilize blood glucose levels.There are many people with weak stomachs who think they should cook noodles thoroughly so that they can digest them easily.But it also raises our glycemic index.If you are diabetic yourself, it is not recommended to cook noodles too soft, as the starch inside is dissolved enough to increase the sugar rise rate.We can cook the noodles half rare and then soak them in ice or cold water for a while to change some properties of the inside of the noodles.At this time, the taste of noodles is not only refined, but also hard. When the frozen area is boiled in the pot, the taste is stronger when cooked, and it is not easy to affect your health.Generally speaking, this kind of pasta is easier to be digested by the stomach and intestines, but its satiety feeling is not as strong as rice and miscellaneous grain food, and it is easy to feel hungry after eating.So a lot of people, when they eat, they can’t help but overeat, but when it comes to glycemic index, if you overeat, then your body has a corresponding burden.Every time you eat, you should strictly control the number of meals. For example, the number of pasta you eat every day should be strictly controlled at about two or two. If you feel not enough to eat, you can put some vegetables with a small amount of meat, so as to make the meal balanced and nutritious.We also feel more full after eating, which reduces the risk of disease.If you eat multigrain noodles or pasta and other slow digestion of noodles, then digestion of the intestines and stomach will be much slower.It helps to stabilize blood sugar after eating.If you are diabetic, eating these kinds of noodles will also be good for you.We should try to avoid those noodles made of white noodles and choose these strong and strong noodles.Do you understand?