Play hand string DIY creation, such dundun you will like it?Lady come in please

2022-07-19 0 By

Hi, I’m Big Fei!Recently very fire dun dun mascot, we all know, a lot of friends on the net to buy dolls, price is not cheap, in fact, if you really like, you can try in collectables – autograph, wear in the body can be a very good effect, today to share is a bespoke, let’s enjoy it together!If you like to play, hurry up and join the team. Don’t get lost!Size has been sent, pure gold to create, renderings, contrast drawings, do the accessories can be when the neck, can also be used as a string of hand rope arrangement, of course, can also be used as a tag to match, everyone has everyone’s ideas, most of them are women as neck, necklace is more.In fact, not only can do such, as long as you can think of, there is a physical object or can draw reference things, objects, figures…The carving master can make it. If you think about the usual wax carving and wood string carving, you can make it, not to mention gold, such soft things.This gold chain without too much explanation, everyone can see clearly, mainly issued to girls to see whether they like such a necklace, or men as a gift to girls, I think it is also very good, at least in this period.Well, that’s all for this share, I’m Big Fei, and we’ll see you next time!