Fu “Tiger” shengwei!The Fox 2021 will be exciting for the New Year!

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Year of the Tiger, Fox 2021 passion gift!Replacement red envelopes, financial red envelopes, maintenance red envelopes, car owners red envelopes…Surprise ceaseless, passion often in, blood unbeaten!Fox 2021, take you to feel more cool and fashionable visual feast, take you to experience the sound and joyful passion of breaking wind whistling in your ears!2,000 yuan replacement subsidy ① to 4,200 yuan financial discount ② Changan Ford & Changan brand models replacement Focus enjoy lifelong free maintenance ③ Engine lifetime warranty (limited to the first owners) New Year owners 3 heavy gifts ④* Activity time: February 1st – February 28th, 2022, first buy, first serve.The rights and interests of this event are not shared with other Ford Mall events.(1) Replacement red envelope, namely, replacement subsidy: replacement can enjoy 2,000 yuan subsidy.(2) Financial red envelope, namely, financial discount: 36 0 interest rate financial plan can enjoy the highest 4,200 yuan of financial discount.(3) Maintenance red envelope that is, Changan Ford, Changan brand models replacement Changan Ford Focus enjoy lifelong free maintenance, limited to the first individual owner of the new car, limited to 1 basic maintenance every year, basic maintenance is the replacement of oil machine filter.If the vehicle is transferred, the lifelong free maintenance automatically expires.If the owner/car meets other conditions of free maintenance activities, the free maintenance policy will not be added to enjoy.Replacement enjoy lifetime maintenance is limited to personal replacement car purchase, and meet the relevant requirements of second-hand car replacement policy.(4) The red envelope for car owners means that the owners of Changan Ford can enjoy 3 perks, including 30 free inspections/seasonal parts gifts/Spring tire treats.The all-new Focus 2021 is equipped with an 8-inch color display and a 12.3-inch color touch screen. Equipped with SYNC+ Zhixing Infotainment system, the AI intelligence based on Baidu database can recognize multiple speech semantics and instantly understand them when you ask!The “Ford Blue friend”, which is always with you, makes driving more interesting than boring.In addition, the new 2021 Focus is equipped with B&O brand sound system +10 speakers. The stunning sound waves allow you to enjoy the immersive 360° surround experience all the time, and enjoy your passionate life!The upgraded AAR intelligent Xinfeng system, combined with PM2.5 air purification system, restores “forest oxygen bar” and protects the health of drivers!Chasing the passion of the track has always been the philosophy of the Focus series, and the all-new Focus 2021 is no exception.High-performance EcoBoost180 turbocharged twin jet engine, combined with 8-speed manual automatic transmission and e-shifter rotary shift, give the new focus 2021 brand new power, peak torque up to 243N·m, 174 horsepower surge power, 0-60 km acceleration only 4.5s,More TVC bend torque intelligent distribution system, you wanton attack turn, follow your heart and burn!The new Ford Focus 2021, whether it is the body design integrated with aesthetic essence, the exclusive SPORTS tail of ST Line for ground flying, or the honeycomb front grille with full texture, all highlight the high unity of mobility and cool fashion, bringing the driver a more stylish and burning driving experience!Fox 2021 proudly moves forward with the momentum of the fierce “tiger”, catching the passion of the blood in the hands!Consult immediately or to the shop test drive experience, there are more surprises waiting for you to learn!Dealer address: No. 19, Shugang Road, Dongqiao Economic Development Zone, Ningde City (opposite new energy).The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 20, 2022