Winter Olympics family 44: Cheng Caizi psychological problems

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Tomorrow is going to report the championship, Liu Zhuangzhuang and set up the boss’s spectrum, hua Zi LAN said this is a good opportunity to enhance their visibility, tomorrow will set out to Harbin.Cheng Caizi’s classmates are going for an outing with their parents at the weekend. Cheng Caizi is the only one left alone because of the circle circle.Although Cheng Yifan is not in speed skating, but the heart is still in speed skating, Cheng Caizi proposed an outing, but the circle and Cheng Gong said she wanted to learn, but Cheng Yifan and Sun Meiying want to go out.But Cheng Yifan don’t want to go anywhere, Cheng Caizi also depressed even can’t eat.Cheng Caizi to find Cheng Gong want to say the truth, the results are cheng Gong and circle both ignored, Cheng Caizi with a stomach grievance to find Cheng Feng, Cheng Feng immersed in the career of success, didnt say a few words and Liu Zhuangzhuang set out to the airport, Cheng Caizi grievance is extremely, she was completely abandoned.Cheng Feng and Liu Zhuangzhuang, hua Zi LAN to tread, to prepare for the interview, Liu Zhuangzhuang is still in constant chaos.Cheng Caizi didn’t go to school and didn’t ask for leave, the circle feel cheng Caizi truant is very angry, Cheng Gong feel Cheng Caizi is heart disease, because recently Cheng Caizi want to communicate with them, but everyone because work busy no opportunity, we decided to care more about Cheng Caizi.Cheng Caizi to find scold, did not expect everyone to know their truancy not only did not scold him also said a lot of good words.Liu Zhuangzhuang forgot to take the camera, hua Zi LAN and Cheng Feng at a loss for a time, the game will start tomorrow, can only go back to take a trip, three people each other off, Liu Zhuangzhuang or a person back.When eating, we give cheng Caizi a strong dish, Cheng Caizi mood can not help but burst, they are worried about their state of mind to make up for, but just because of this cheng Caizi angry.Think of cheng Caizi want to go for an outing yesterday, we carry a backpack and so on the second day to go together, did not expect cheng Caizi said do not want to go.Cheng Caizi school bear two psychological teacher to home visit, told the circle and Cheng Gong said cheng Caizi some mild depression, lack of family company, so now the most important thing is to have fun.Huazi LAN and Cheng Feng over a morning, did not expect Liu Zhuangzhuang came late, the first day of the game did not record, three people wilted home.Cheng Gong understands cheng wit’s state of mind very much, after all this home except cheng wit is the most easily ignored, the rest is him.Cheng Yifan and Cheng Gong, a circle, Sun Meiying four people shirk each other a responsibility, followed by their own review, and then went to find cheng Caizi apology hope she see sincerity.Unexpectedly cheng Caizi suddenly put forward suspension, reasons she did not know, they were at a loss.