Saic Mg 100 Cities online carnival hot registration!

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Spring is back, temperatures are soaring, and travel season is about to begin.MG strength pet fans, 100 million yuan gift to help you start a new life with a car.On April 10, 2022, WITH the help of MMG manufacturers, MMG will join hands with dealers all over the country to create an ONLINE carnival of MMG 100 cities for you!Saic Mg is willing to provide consumers with more convenient, preferential car purchase new way.During the activity, surprise price is what you want, pet fan welfare capricious send!During the activity, you can not only participate in the activity in any saic Mg dealer stores, but also participate in the pumping card activity in the online live broadcast room!All models exclusive concession price, 100 million yuan car welfare, grab your hand!More surprise gift online extraction.Manufacturers help, courtesy, to saic Mg, easily have their own car!MG pet fans welfare day, 100 million yuan gift satisfaction, watching live TV will have the opportunity to get a TV, such a good opportunity, can not afford to mistake!From now on buy Ming Jue hao enjoy ten gifts!!One gift pet fan invitation gift: share the invitation card, to the circle of friends, friends, share the top 10 can receive super gift.Double gift pet powder pre-storage gift: pay 99 yuan sincerity gold, equal to 3000 yuan gift package (whole car film + mat), provide network car selection, door-to-door car delivery service.Triple gift pet fans second kill gift: during the live broadcast, there are several rounds of second kill random grab, 1 yuan grab extra value gift.Four-fold gift: enter the broadcast room to participate in the rotary pump card activity.Pink Gift package: during the live broadcast, red envelopes will be distributed from time to time in the live broadcast room. Anyone entering the live broadcast room can participate.Six gift pet fans epidemic prevention insurance: the successful purchase of the car during the event will be sent epidemic prevention insurance.Financial gift: some models enjoy a 10% down payment policy.Yaezhong Gift pet powder replacement gift: during the activity, some models will be replaced with a maximum subsidy of 15000.Lucky Draw: Repeat lucky draw for successful car booking during the event.Interactive gift: you may win a TV set if you participate in the interactive live broadcast during the live broadcast.The MG5 Scorpio design is an update on the existing MG5 with a lot of blackened sports kits.What is striking is its new “Passion Lime” paint color, which looks very young and energetic.The front face is still used smoked black mouth type air intake grille, the headlights on both sides of the use of the split type design, long and narrow sharp modeling also has a strong visual impact.The two sides of the lower enclosure are also blackened with a diversion channel, and the front lip is also blackened to create a strong atmosphere of movement.The mg MG5 Scorpio has a body size of 4695*1842*1480mm and a wheelbase of 2680mm.From the side, its body with a smooth and sharp waist line, window line and outside the rearview mirror have been smoked black processing, and there is a slip back type of the body and smoked black five-spoke hub support, sports sense is a good promotion.The tail uses the taillight and the tail wing that adds the smoke black design, in addition, the smoke black under the surrounding two sides also uses the design of the rear diversion groove, with the exhaust layout of the bilateral total four and the exaggerated diffuser, the movement breath and the fighting breath are very rich.The interior of the new car is mainly sportive. The car is equipped with 12.3-inch instrument panel + 12.3-inch center control screen, suspended curved double screen, flat three-spoked multi-functional steering wheel with “yacht-style” electronic stopper, and the overall sense of science and technology is relatively in place.Although it is one hundred thousand cars, but its interior work and texture are not vague, the use of large areas of soft materials for packaging, integrated sports seats to join the embroidery process and yellow stitches for decoration, emitting a rich breath of movement.In terms of configuration,Whole series of new standard on the master/passenger airbags and front side airbags, tire pressure display, ABS anti-lock braking force distribution, brakes, traction control and stability control, parking radar, after the 360 ° panoramic images, cruise control, automatic parking, uphill, auxiliary, keyless start, keyless entry, automatic headlights and side mirror electric adjustment/heating, etcCan.In terms of power, the MG5 Scorpio is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 133kW and maximum torque of 285N·m. The drivel system is matched with a 7-shift wet dual-clutch transmission, which only takes 6.9 seconds to accelerate to zero hundred, and the NEDC fuel consumption is 6.1L/100km.The chassis adopts the former McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam non – independent suspension.The MG ONE “Smart Tech SUV” is built based on SIGMA supermatrix, saic’s new platform architecture. The first version of the MG ONE is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship 8155 chip, Luoshen intelligent cockpit system and 30-inch three-link large screen, which is a compact SUV with super intelligent equipment.The industry’s first AI semantics with T+X self-learning ability, the first e-sports space equipped with B station, Yamaha music smart cabin, advanced intelligent assisted driving, the first non-inductive mobile phone car keys for fuel cars, advanced automatic parking with visual fusion and other intelligent technologies, bring the smart experience of the leading young generation.In addition, the MG ONE is also equipped with a new power combination — MEGA Tech 1.5T high-power “China Heart” Top ten engine and MEGA Tech CVT325 high-torque CVT transmission, which can accelerate only 8.1 seconds for 100km and brake only 35 meters for 100km, bringing the German flavor surging driving experience.The third generation MG6 PRO is a sports sedan car, from the performance of speaking, is a solid small steel gun constitution.Blumc MEGA Tech1.5T high power engine is the owner of the honorary title of “China’s Top ten Heart Engines”, while MEGA Tech 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission is the honorary winner of “World’s Top Ten Transmissions”.181PS to high horsepower and 285N·m performance parameters have obvious advantages in the same level of vehicles.What’s more, the third generation MG6 PRO comes with SUPERSPORT SUPERSPORT mode this time, which can easily control shift sensitivity, downshift freedom and supercar exhaust noise with a touch of the red button on the steering wheel.Buy mingjue enjoy the gift, one billion yuan gift online waiting for you, quickly sign up!