Orange Tree students Beijing TV special performance lit up the early spring vigorous hope

2022-07-18 0 By

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, our orange Tree art education students appeared on the stage of the dream Chasing Spring Festival Gala of BTV science and Education Channel. Students from different campuses presented three days of wonderful performances.Let’s continue to see the students today!Lee Myung-taek, Na Hee, Yang Seung-hee and Zhou Wenya from Orange Tree acted as the small hosts of the program, which aired on Feb 3.Although the students are still young, they are already “experienced”. Together with the two professional hosts, they control the rhythm of the whole performance calmly.In the performance of the evening, hundreds of students from Orange Tree brought 20 groups of programs including children’s chorus, children’s dance, hip-hop, Latin dance, jazz dance, Chinese dance and so on, bringing wonderful audio-visual experience for everyone.Looking at a smiling face, a make public the youthful vitality of the body, each of their youthful heart is full of colorful colors, at the same time, but also let us feel the spring in advance of the vigorous hope.Everyone gathered together, not only built a strong festival atmosphere, filled with joy and joy, but also full of friendship and mutual assistance.The stage is a partner’s teammates, the stage is a good friend together.This love led by the fate, also helped their growth.Art learning needs persistence. Behind every wonderful performance, there is no lack of students’ hard work. I believe that students who have overcome many difficulties to get on the stage can go further in their love of the road!