Guanghui Pengfeng shop Guangqi Honda Odyssey shop has the car

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Odyssey Hybrid is equipped with Honda’s latest third-generation I-MMD dual-motor hybrid system, with power up to 158KW and 100km, and only 5.8L ultra-low integrated fuel consumption, fully displaying the sports personality and fuel economy of the hybrid MPV.1 call the ritual: network customers call to make an appointment to store the exquisite gifts (2) the surprise gift: network client to store ordering successfully sent 2188 yuan the warranty card, (3) the displacement presents: replacement car can enjoy preferential comprehensive 3000 (4) current car ceremony: this month to current car shop to pick up the car straight to sell 7 days (5) maintenance: network customers booking to shop at 6 years of free maintenance warranty city (first) 6 activities gift:During the activity, network customers will enjoy interest-free car purchase until the third year of the year + lucky draw. Click on the table, professional sales consultants will open exclusive VIP car purchase channel for you!;Directions to the store: 1. Self-drive navigation to Guangqi Honda Pengfeng Store;2. Exit D, Xiasha Station, Metro Line 9;3. Near the bus station of Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel.Hotline: 17150879143 The event will run from March 24, 2022 to March 24, 2022