Dalian training competition: Zhu Ting break the goal Yan Xiangchuang double ring Iloki debut

2022-07-18 0 By

This morning, dalian team under the leadership of the new coach Xie Hui, completed this week’s training game, the game blue team 3-2 narrowly win the White team.It is worth mentioning that the test players and the foreign aid to be inspected have not common play.Yan Sang-chuang scored twice and Sun Guo-wen scored for the blue team, while Zhu Ting and Iroki scored for the White team.In general, this week’s training match compared to last weekend has a certain improvement, dalian team’s winter training also initial results.With the admission list of the 2022 Chinese First League officially confirmed, Dalian people are also clear about the preparation direction of this season.It is reported that the Chinese Super League, which was originally scheduled to start in late April, has been postponed due to the epidemic.China a may start after the May Day holiday.Previously, the CFA also hoped that the league could resume the home and away system, and started various work on this.But even if the league resumes as scheduled in May, it will only be in a conference format, and the FOOTBALL association is in the process of selecting divisions.Dalian people, after last week’s training match, this week’s training plan is more targeted, and the training ideas are more inclined to European, the intensity of this winter training is also very appropriate.This week, in addition to strengthening the team’s internal confrontation, Xie Hui also focused on the players to practice 1V2, 3V2, 4V4, 8V8 and other local range of attack and defense tactics, and the attack and defense training programs are relatively balanced.The Chinese coaching team of Dalian: Chang Lin, Xie Hui and Wu Weichao this morning’s training match was the same as last week’s, with 90 minutes for three quarters and 30 minutes for each quarter. The teams of both sides were also allocated in a balanced way according to this week’s training.In the inspection period of the former Tianjin Tianjin tiger foreign aid Yi Loki debut, Shan Pengfei, Wang Yaopeng and other injured also timely return to participate in today’s game.It is worth mentioning that the Blue team put Yan xiangchuang in the forward position, with his two goals to help the blue team 2-0 start, after a rotation of the lineup, zhu Ting and Iloki two goals to tie the score.In the last quarter, both sides gave everything they had, with sun Guowen scoring for the Blue team to tie the score at 3-2.