At wu Lei’s photo shoot, I made a date with Spring

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Here, gather the breath of spring with Wu Lei.Although the start of spring has been a long time, Beijing is still in the “cold and burning” atmosphere of the snow season and the Winter Olympics, which makes people want to go to a botanical garden or other places to spend an early spring.Brush wu Lei on the net accidentally a new wave to explore the store, see him in the bright art space to explore the scent of natural plants clue, COCO immediately decided: Wu Lei with a card location, arrangement!The natural mountain stone here is young look widely in the entertainment circle, handsome, sunny face and many, but like Wu Lei on the body of this kind of natural, energetic and comfortable youth temperament, it is rare.From hit TV series such as “Long Song Line” and “Sailing: When the Wind Rises” to big screen works such as “Summer Future” and “My Fathers and I”, Wu Lei can always present different surprises in front of the camera.But behind the camera, he was always a pure big boy who loved to have fun and laugh, easy to get along with, but also had his own ideas and personality.He is like a prism, the sunlight through, refracted a rainbow.Although wu has a busy schedule, he still looks for opportunities to get in touch with nature.He enjoys all kinds of outdoor sports, especially cycling. Not long ago, he challenged himself to ride a horse across the snow field at -28℃, using the strength given by nature to challenge himself.For a moment, you feel like this 22-year-old boy is part of nature, growing strangely in his own way, loving, brave, and radiating an air that is both different and natural.Pay tribute to natural aesthetics in the name of colour and art and wu Lei appears in this space, having the same nature, enthusiasm, and colorful with him.The door that appears contracted and agile in shallow gray metope, be like secret boundary entrance, a faint fragrance lets a person cannot help exploring after all.The exquisite 30-square-meter single-storey space, fully furnished with details, creates the atmosphere of a botanical archive that preserves the original passion of nature, but also the rationality and pragmatism of science.The ingeniously crafted interior, with natural materials of different touches: shelves made of polished wood and glazed ceramic, oak drawers embellished with gentle lighting, and archival displays modeled after the careful arrangement of 18th-century botanists, balances the natural experience with the artistic aesthetic.A pool of blue Spanish handmade tiles points to an ancient bathing ritual;It echoes Curtis, an 18th-century botanical magazine on display in the store, and evokes a time-travel conversation between memory and emotion, self and nature, through smell.In fact, this space, which brings rich experience with color and smell, is the independent boutique opened by Spanish luxury brand LOEWE fragrance in Nanjing Deci Square, which is also the first store in the world.Wu Lei harvested the brand ambassador of LOEWE sweet atmosphere brand new identity, transfer the brand by sweet atmosphere to express the pleasure and beauty.Wandering in LOEWE fragrance boutique, Wu Lei enjoyed the strong cultural atmosphere and aesthetic inspiration, and sensed the intimate connection between human and plants, plants and nature in the sense of smell.Wu lei said, “LOEWE perfume is made from organic ingredients taken from nature, which I love.Their fragrance is fresh, elegant and evocative, making me feel like I’m in nature, relaxed and happy.”LOEWE rainbow Botanical perfume series and home fragrance series displayed in the boutique are worthy protagonists in the collision of color and aroma.LOEWE has been expanding the olfactory dimension of the brand with fragrance products since its first fragrance was introduced in 1972.Under the concept of “rainbow botany”, in 2020-2021, LOEWE launched nine signature perfumes in succession, with bold, inclusive and gorgeous and colorful unique temperament, in the fragrance industry set off a “rainbow whirlwind”.The kaleidoscope of colours in the simple bottle body designed by JonathanAnderson, creative director of LOEWE, harmonizes with the rustic camellia cap.And every kind of color, expressed contain is unique in sweet atmosphere, the individual character that gets natural enlightenment and affection.Natural flavor from plants, through exquisite technology into a level of exquisite fragrance, and the fragrance of the color echo.It captures thousands of feelings, emotions and attitudes, so that people can explore their own hearts while sniffing fragrance, and arouse the emotional resonance of people and nature with plants as the medium.Add “atmosphere” to texture life in this “rainbow garden” constructed by natural colors and plant aromas, LOEWE household fragrance collection is also looking forward to.Honeysuckle, beetroot, juniper, tomato leaf, coriander, licorice, sweet pea, oregano, cypress ball, ivy — 10 plant smells from Kew garden, become scented candles, scented candlestick and household fragrance, providing a new commentary on plants and art, fragrance and life.Scented candles are inspired by Victorian botanical gardens and potion scents. Each scent is a true olfactory depiction of herbs and flowers, making people feel as if they are immersed in a peaceful, lush botanical garden, enjoying a time surrounded by fragrance in a relaxed atmosphere.Aroma is invisible, the touch of sweet atmosphere product becomes crucial.A ribbed terracotta jar for scented candles inspired by a 5th century BC Greek cup.Smooth horizontal lines, bold color matching and delicate texture of ceramics make this series of scented candles as simple and delicate works of art.Large, medium, small sweet atmosphere candle “sweet atmosphere candlestick” from French classical chandelier modelling and Louis 14 times candlestick absorb design is thought of, through careful handwork, this series brings the sweet atmosphere candlestick of classic romantic temperament to be able to present.Juniper scented chandelier candles Floral, green, fruity and fragrant tones are wrapped in natural plant wax and blend with the terracotta base. The glow of the candle evokes beautiful memories of nature.”Household sweet atmosphere” give the home with the adornment of aesthetics with smell, spray gently, can turn your home green the plant garden with abundant meaning, let every corner of every room overflow full fragrance.Fragrance of juniper fruit household sweet atmosphere no matter languid is lazy early morning, agreeable afternoon, still be the night that makes a person get drunk, natural breath disperches exhaustion, let a person slow down footstep, those who find the life is pure with sense of belonging, let “home” flavor more real.However, no amount of description can replace the real perception, then quickly follow the footsteps of Wu Lei, visit LOEWE fragrance located in nanjing Deji Square independent boutique, in the natural and artistic atmosphere, harvest your own fragrance experience!Part of the picture from network Picture source Brand Then