Xuzhou sports school which a few

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Xuzhou sports school which several: Xuzhou has only one sports school, the name is Xuzhou city sports school.Xuzhou Physical Education School is a secondary physical education school with independent legal personality approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province in 1987.The main task of the university is to train and transport high-level reserve sports talents for the country.In the youth Department competition of the 18th Jiangsu Provincial Games held in Xuzhou, 483 athletes from 7 sports schools participated in the competition, and finally won 68 gold MEDALS, 27 silver MEDALS, 38.5 bronze MEDALS and 133.5 MEDALS.With the gold MEDALS brought by the national Games and competitions, the school won 126 gold MEDALS in total, exceeding the target task assigned by the superior.3. Xuzhou Sports School has always kept pace with The Times and constantly innovated its educational philosophy, putting forward the educational philosophy of “education as the main body, training as the key, teaching as the basis, and scientific research as the support” and establishing the educational purpose of “diligence, practicality, civilization, striving for innovation”.