The master winemaker teaches you how to make kumquat wine in detail

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Ji Ankang always has a 50 mu of original ecological orchard, annual output of kumquat 400,000 jin, in order to improve the value of secondary fruit, decided to use fruit wine brewing equipment to turn them into wine, especially bring 200 jin kumquat, let ya da fruit wine brewing equipment winemaker to teach him to make kumquat wine.Kumquat has golden skin, thin skin, tender meat and sweet juice.Kumquat is characterized by the skin and pulp together to eat, after chewing, feel the throat between jin Run, full of flavor.Kumquat contains special volatile oil, kumquat and other special substances, with a pleasant aroma, is quite a characteristic fruit.So if we turn kumquat into wine, what does it taste like?In fact, many years ago in the morning, the technical research and development team of yada fruit wine brewing equipment successfully developed kumquat brandy and kumquat fermentation wine.Yamada Kumquat brandy let’s go to learn kumquat wine brewing technology.1. This is 200 jin of kumquat brought by Jiangxi Jiankang. We will clean the kumquat and pour it into yada Fruit wine brewing equipment, and steam it for 30 minutes.2. Shovel out the steamed kumquat from the small fruit wine brewing equipment of Yamada, beat it into pulp with a beater, and let it cool to 33 degrees.3, according to the proportion of sugar and yada fruit yeast, and then dissolve the sugar in water, pour into the kumquat pulp and stir evenly, and then pour into the good yeast stir evenly, semi-sealed fermentation.Weigh the white sugar and yada fruit koji in proportion and stir them. 4. Seal them for the first 3 days and half, stir them once a day, and seal them for fermentation after 3 days.Semi-sealed fermentation 4, about 15 days of fermentation, until the fruit pulp sinks, the wine becomes clear, no bubbles, fermentation is completed.If you plan to make kumquat liquor, it can be distilled into brandy after fermentation.5. Press the fermented pulp with a press to separate the peel residue and kumquat meat from the juice, and the separated juice is the original wine.6. The original liquor was transferred into the fermenter and kept at 15 ~ 20℃ for 30 ~ 50 days to further ferment residual sugar.7. After the fermentation, the kumquat wine is filtered, clarified, inverted, siphon and sterilized for a period of time. The wine can be golden in color, clear and transparent, without obvious suspended matter or precipitation;With kumquat fruit and intense kumquat wine aroma;Sweet and sour, mellow and tangy kumquat wine.