The five departments of “Two high schools and two high schools” signed training minutes in the field of penalty execution

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In order to implement the “Opinions of the CENTRAL Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China on Strengthening the Legal Supervision of Procuratorial Organs in the New Era”, closely combine the requirements of the education and rectification of the political and legal teams,Give full play to the important role of the training in unifying the concept of law enforcement and justice and the standards and standards of case handling, realizing the integration of political business work and the integration of resources of political and legal units, and promote the construction of legal professional community.The Fifth Procuratorial Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate recently took the lead in signing a joint training record in the field of punishment execution with the Trial Supervision Division of the Supreme People’s Court, the Supervision Bureau of the Prison Office of the Ministry of Public Security, the Prison Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice and the Community Correction Bureau.This is the first time for the BUSINESS department of the SPP to sign a meeting record with other political and legal departments on the joint training in professional fields. It is also a useful attempt to actively explore the normalization of the joint training.In terms of the construction of the training mechanism for the same class, the minutes determined the mechanism that the countersigning departments take turns to hold the training so as to promote the regular development of the training for the same class.Joint deliberation and consultation will be held on the operational mechanism, standards and norms, organizational form, theme setting and other issues of the joint training, so as to promote the regular development of the joint training.In terms of the methods of in-class training, the summary proposed to take a variety of forms to ensure the optimal effect.The training will be highly integrated between politics and business, using case analysis, simulated case handling, on-site observation, multi-party dialogue and other diversified training forms, so that trainees can not only get communication opportunities, but also improve their professional quality.In terms of the sharing of training resources in the same classroom, the minutes required to explore the creation of teachers and curriculum database to achieve resource sharing.Actively utilize internal and external talent resources, establish a pool of teachers for training in the same classroom and a curriculum system with a complete range of courses and rich contents centered on business, realize joint construction and sharing of resources, and provide guarantee for the quality construction of political and legal personnel.In terms of the application of training results, the summary emphasizes the good use of training results as an important reference for guiding business.To summarize and refine all kinds of questions, opinions and suggestions raised by trainees in training seminars, and organize specially-assigned persons to analyze and study them carefully, which will serve as one of the sources for formulating judicial interpretations and normative documents and screening guiding cases and typical cases in the future, and provide reference for promoting business work.The summary also proposed that countersigning departments should carry out in-depth cooperation based on the results of the training in the same class to promote the fundamental solution of important issues in the field of criminal execution.In view of major, difficult and complex problems with common characteristics reflected in the same class training, in-depth cooperation will be carried out in the form of joint research and joint promotion of special activities to form research reports and project results and jointly promote the practical solution of problems.(Source: Yu Xiaodange, Procuratorial Daily)