TES surprise 2-0 loss to OMG, official blog was criticized by fans: disband, auxiliary prince?

2022-07-17 0 By

Not long ago in the transfer period to spend a lot of money to strengthen the lineup, can be regarded as the new SEASON LPL the most good team, after all, their upper field position can be said to be compared to the previous several seasons have a luxury upgrade.Play wild xiao Tian plus Xiao Peng double security, the road Zoom is considered the most suitable TES system of the steady blue-collar single to join, such a set of “banknote ability” luxury lineup from the completion of the establishment was dubbed “Galaxy”, but after the German Cup, LPL regular season TES performance is not satisfactory.TES had a shock loss to RA in the opening game of the LPL spring, and their recent two defeats to V5 and OMG highlighted the problem.Tian’s early season slump has not been solved even after he was replaced by Xiaopeng, and his 2-0 loss to OMG has upset TES fans who had high hopes for the team this season.Because of losing V5 and OMG in a row, TES official blog directly fell after the match, and the disgruntled fans directly attacked the comment section of official blog of taobo and criticized the team for its poor performance.One fan even went so far as to break through the blowout preventer in order to lose the game: “Dismiss it, dismiss it now.”It’s not hard to see from comments like this that fans are frustrated with TES ‘current form and performance.Somewhat similar to previous losses, this loss to OMG’s auxiliary Zhuo was once again the object of fan frustration.Due to the fact that the matchup performance in the two matches was completely overwhelmed by OMG auxiliary Cold, and BP was not able to choose the popular hero of hammerstone, fans were naturally annoyed by his poor performance, and even commented: “After several seasons of supporting, do you want to keep it?!It’s really prince Bai. It’s really sick to let others study with you.”What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.