One day in your life

2022-07-17 0 By

Today is the third day after coming down from my hometown in Jiangxi province, and the third day after my husband went back to shenzhen to work. My sister and my two children have not started school yet. It is quite lively and noisy.Get up in the morning and make breakfast for them, feed their little son, throw clothes into the washing machine, put away and go out to buy food.Because of the epidemic, can only go to the bottom of the room, dark, a little afraid, but there is no way, this is the adult helpless!I bought sweet white radish from my hometown for my children. I wanted to buy some dumpling wrappers to make dumplings for my children (although I have never made dumplings before, I want to learn!).The result went to two supermarkets are not sold, had to give up!Go home to dry clothes, supervise and urge two big endorsement, write homework, oneself read a book to small treasure,…At noon they went out to the community to play basketball, play slide…I cook, they play in the afternoon, I will read their own favorite books, hair will stay, think something.Done eating dinner, put away, and my parents and sisters chat will day, began to give small treasure a shower, reading coax sleeping, then sweep the floor, wash, oneself see will book, thinking about what to do tomorrow, thinking of don’t be so empty, want to do something, but the children also want to education, to being chauffeured to someone tube, is ultimately fruitless, sleep…!Ordinary day, struggling day, has been many years, but for the family, can only do this, do every little thing now, the family health and peace is good, I believe a lot of things will be better and better, sleep…!