Jiang mother v. Liu Nuanxi case of the second trial sentencing!Liu Nuanxi: ‘I will die admitting I never did something’

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The case of jiang Ge’s mother, Jiang Qiulian, versus Liu Nuanxi (formerly Liu Xin), the right to life dispute opened in Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court in Shandong Province at 9:30 am today.Dressed in a silver cotton jacket, she entered the courthouse through a side door after hugging a netizen who had come from Wuxi specifically to testify on her behalf.Previously, the defendant Liu Nuanxi did not show up at two pre-trial meetings of the first instance, during the formal session and the sentencing, and entrusted his lawyer Hu Guiyun to participate in the trial.This time as the plaintiff Jiang Qiulian did not attend the day due to illness, she said: “at home to watch the live news, I want to wait for a fair ruling.”The case on January 10 in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Chengyang District people’s Court has been sentenced to the first instance, the court ruled that the defendant Liu Nuanxi compensation 696,000 yuan.Although the compensation can not cover their own years for the case of the actual pay, Jiang Qiulian is not satisfied with the verdict, but she finally gave up to continue to appeal, obey the court of first instance.Hu Guiyun, Liu’s lawyer, submitted the petition by mail to the Chengyang District Court in Qingdao, Shandong Province, on Jan 24, the last day of the appeal deadline.In the petition, Liu Nuanxi argued that the judgment of the first instance lacked factual evidence and applied the law incorrectly, and requested the court of the second instance to remand the case for a retrial or to change the judgment to reject all the petitioners’ claims.So far, the public opinion of this case appeared again a few turn.For the case support Liu Nuanxi, advocate the court to comb the evidence of the network voice also gradually appeared.After learning of Liu’s appeal, Jiang qiulian responded on her short video account, “I’m not surprised at all that Liu has made this decision to appeal.Since May 21, 2017, 200 days after my daughter’s murder, I have seen through the humanity of this family.It is her legal right to appeal and I will fight the case according to the law.”The trial was presided over by Zhang Zhengzhi, acting president of Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court, and four judges, including Gao Yong, vice president, served as judges.”This is Liu Nuanxi’s last chance” in the morning of the trial, the parties to the cross-examination of the evidence.Appellant Liu Nuanxi side said: Jiang Ge in Liu Nuanxi did not ask it to wait in the subway under the premise of waiting, has taken the initiative to wait for Liu Nuanxi.There is no evidence that Liu Nuanxi entered the room first and then “locked the door.”Liu Nuanxi is impossible to recognize and predict Chen Shifeng will kill, more impossible to recognize and predict Chen Shifeng will kill a person who has no relationship with him.Jiang ge was killed entirely because of Chen Shifeng’s actions.Liu Nuanxi thinks he has no fault, should not bear civil liability for compensation.The appellant, Jiang Qiulian, said there was no evidence to support the fact that Liu Nuanxi stressed that Jiang Ge had been waiting for Liu Nuanxi under the premise that Liu Nuanxi had not asked her to wait at the subway entrance.The fact that Liu Nuanxi “locked the door” has sufficient objective evidence to prove that Liu Nuanxi’s denial only reproduced the situation that Liu Nuanxi made false statements because of shirking his own responsibility.Liu Nuanxi to prevent jiang Ge alarm with sufficient evidence to support.The collegial panel investigates the court’s issues.At the court, Liu’s 18-page petition listed six reasons for her appeal, including her belief that the court omitted parties who had to participate in the lawsuit, insufficient evidence to determine basic facts, errors in the determination of facts, and errors in the application of law.Finally liu Nuanxi also attached a special statement of her.In this statement, she responded to jiang Ge after some key time nodes happened, she still called Jiang Ge “uncle three” in the statement, and said that the first trial of liu Nuanxi and uncle three (Jiang Ge) true feelings and real situation, and said that in the court, “restore my unique friendship with uncle three.”Liu Nuanxi appeal “special statement” part of the content.After seeing the special statement, Jiang qiulian said she could not bear Liu’s denigrating of the truth and that Liu was taking advantage of Jiang ge’s friendship with her.Jiang qiulian was sick in bed for four days.”She said to me jiang Song needless to say do cattle do horses, Liu Nuanxi, Liu Nuanxi family if there is human nature, will not have this case happened.She doesn’t have to be a horse, she can be a person.For a dead person, in legal documents, still use a nickname, who can accept?My home river song is indomitable, do not change the name, do not change the surname.”Jiang Qiulian responded excitedly.Liu Nuanxi said that the biggest preparation for this court session is mental preparation, “I think I need to stand up to face, rather than cowardly request forgiveness.For five years, I have been waiting for the truth to come out. But I have been desperate again and again. I have been avoiding being liu Xuezhou.”In front of the court, Liu was very anxious about the upcoming second trial, she once told reporters: “If the original verdict is upheld, I will only die.”On The Lunar New Year’s Day in 2022, she posted a New Year greeting audio through the micro-blog of her lawyer, Hu Guiyun. In the audio, she thanked those who had accompanied her through the low times and apologized for failing those who had helped her because of her cowardness.Han Su speaks to the media in front of Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong Province, Feb. 16, 2019.”She had to make one last stand for what she had been through for five years.”Han Su, a netizen who helped Liu Nuanxi search for evidence, told reporters.She met Liu nuanxi for the second time at the gate of the court this morning. She met Liu Nuanxi for the first time at around 3pm yesterday. “I could feel her tired and her lips were peeling,” she said.Han Su came to Qingdao to support Liu Nuanxi from Wuxi, Jiangsu province one day before the court session.Han Su began to pay attention to Jiang’s case in 2017 after reading the report on jiang’s case in The Magazine Situation.At the beginning, as a supporter of Jiang Ge’s mother, Jiang Qiulian, Han Su said she had transferred more than 10,000 yuan to Jiang qiulian, “but later found that many things are not what she said.”Han su later chose to publicly support Liu on social media platforms.After the first trial, On January 15, Han added Liu Nuanxi’s wechat account and had direct contact with Liu. Then she transferred some support funds to Liu.On January 30, Hu Guiyun, liu’s lawyer, published details of the payment liu received on his Sina Weibo account.Originally, Han Su wanted to appear as liu Nuanxi’s witness.But the court ruled that Han’s testimony was not relevant and necessary to the case, and Han could not appear in court.”Jiang qiulian illegally collected information about Liu Nuanxi and her family for a long time, and deliberately concealed key information about the case to mislead judgment.”Han Su said.Recently, warm the sunrise’s lawyer liu Hu Guiyun lawyers will be announced her chat with liu to warm the sunrise on weibo, and said: “the lawyer the real effect is accompanied by the right face and life trough through litigation, to establish the confidence of the parties in the face of suit, when necessary, accompanied by the parties to resist pressure from all sides, make full use of the law to achieve justice.”Before the second trial began, Ms Jiang and Mr Hu were locked in a battle on social media platforms.”Liu Nuanxi could not accept the first instance court’s judgment and the details of its decision, nor could he understand why the first instance court reached such a decision that was inconsistent with objective facts in the absence of relevant evidence.She is in a very bad state.”Hu Guiyun said in a previous interview.In a letter hu Guiyun wrote to Liu Nuanxi publicly, she once mentioned that the second trial would be a farewell to her past: “Coming out is the best way for the stakeholders of the case.Not to forget, but to move on.Some people can not do it, obsession or interests, the choice will bear the consequences, no matter good or bad.For the young Liu Nuanxi, climb out and then sink in, time has passed five years, it is time to make an end.””This is Liu Nuanxi’s last chance, she will come to the conference.”View news reporters from Han Su learned that there will be a round table after today’s trial, Liu Nuanxi and her lawyer Hu Guiyun will attend, Liu Nuanxi will give a response to the case.Han Su also responded that he would speak out his testimony at a press conference this afternoon, saying, “The sky won’t fall by presenting facts and reasoning.””I really thought about taking my life more than once,” Liu said in her final statement to the court.I am a man without a future. The world is gray to me. I live worse than dirt.””But when I’m dead, what’s the point of being innocent?Do I deserve the people who cleared me up by dying?Every time I can’t go on, I have the motivation to continue living when I realize that there are so many people in the world who know how wrong I am and keep fighting for more power on my side.””On the one hand, I don’t have enough money to pay such a huge sum,” she said. “How can I feel comfortable even if my parents are willing to sell the only house they own to pay my debts?In the first 30 years of my life, I did not show filial piety. I spent almost all their savings in order to study abroad and pursue lawsuits. Should I let them become old and homeless again?Moreover, by accepting the sentence, I was admitting that I locked my door and that I was a veritable heinous person.Anyone can press my head and make me confess to locking the door, without facts or proof, and I’ll never confess to something I never did! ‘In court, the defendant Liu Nuanxi’s lawyer with cardboard reduction of the scene, and slowly put reduction of Liu Nuanxi alarm when the voice.At about 1:30 p.m., the four-hour hearing ended with an announcement that sentencing would be scheduled.Absent Jiang Ge’s mother: I just need the law to punish her. Before the court hearing on February 16, the court suddenly informed Jiang Qiulian that she did not show up.Jiang later posted on her weibo account: “Hello to those who care about me!Due to physical reasons, I do not appear in court today to attend the trial, there are Lawyers Huang Leping, Lawyer Li Jing full authority, I rest assured and at ease!”The day before the second trial was the Lantern Festival.In the morning, Jiang Qiulian visited her daughter’s grave.Before each court session, Jiang Qiulian will come to jiang Ge tomb worship in the morning.On the night of the Lantern Festival, Jiang had dinner with her lawyer.’Song left my sixth Lantern Festival and spent it with my lawyer. I felt so much missing, so much pain and a little relief,’ she wrote.May my song be safe in heaven.On the news reporter called Jiang Qiulian on the day of the trial, she said she woke up this morning and suddenly found herself unwell, coughing very badly, afraid of worrying about the process of the trial, will be represented by lawyer Huang Leping read his defense in court.Before the court hearing, I turned on the TV and mobile phone at home, and have been paying attention to the news of the court hearing.When asked if she would like to meet Liu today, Jiang answered calmly: “I don’t need to confront her in court. What I want is a fair ruling from the court, nothing else.”Reporter to jiang Qiulian verify user Han Su’s identity information, as she said that had helped Jiang Qiulian appeal, Jiang Qiulian did not respond positively, a few hours later she replied to the reporter, that Han Su on the case attitude change too fast, is likely to be liu Xin misleading the public layout.Jiang qiulian’s supporters showed their support for Her mother outside the courthouse before the hearing.At the gate of Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court before the trial began, several people who had never met jiang Qiulian and supported jiang qiulian’s victory spontaneously came to the scene.Several of them held signs that read “Liu Nuanxi should be morally condemned.”There was also a local aunt in her 60s who shouted at the gate of the court: “Jiang Ge mother will win!”She said she didn’t know Her either, but had been following her plight for more than half a year and wanted to meet her and give her a hug.Even before the trial, Kang had been saying that she would attend the second trial. In an interview with the press on Thursday, she said, I am confident and calm.”I need the law to punish her,” she said of Jiang’s feelings toward Liu after her appeal.Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News original manuscript, unauthorized reprinting is strictly prohibited by Yang Shuyuan Wang Qian wechat editor: Jia Simin proofread: Antong