In recent two years, the heat of financial and economic colleges continues to go down, and the two goods and one trade are also hard to escape, why?

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Business college enter oneself for an examination of the heat change for China’s top business school, everyone not unfamiliar, pay attention to education knows that two goods trade (Shanghai university of finance and economics, central university of finance and economics, and foreign economic and trade university) and distribution business colleges and universities in the north and south, east and west, contain at zhongnan university of economics, southwest university of finance and economics as well as the northeast university of finance and economics colleges and universities.The period from 2000 to 2019 is a shining moment for finance and economics universities. The enrollment scores of finance and economics universities are rising, especially the two finance and one trade universities are the most representative ones. At the peak, their undergraduate enrollment scores are close to the top ten universities in Mainland China, leaving behind a total of 985 universities.However, the so-called feng Shui turns, 30 years river east, 30 years river west, with the development of China’s higher education and social demand for talent constantly changing, finance and economics college registration upsurge after a period of continuous heating also gradually lost power, is slowly returning to its standard.Among them, the most outstanding performance is still the two finance and trade of the three universities of finance and economics.In 2019, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) scored 664 points in science and ranked 692; in 2020, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics scored 647 points in science and ranked 1362;It was followed by Central University of Finance and Economics, which ranked 2621 in 2019 with 636 points, and 3093 in 2020 with 626 points.Finally, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) ranked 1769 with 646 points in 2019 and 3798 with 620 points in 2020.The data of 2021 are not available for the time being. However, in terms of the number of admission positions, it is also on the decline.However, for financial and economic colleges, the decline in their scores does not mean that it is cold or unexpected, this score relative to other majors, or at a high level, but gradually return to the normal position.Even in the undergraduate admission score of 2021, although The admission score of The University of Finance and Economics ranked only around 20 in the mainland universities, and the admission score of the Central University of Finance and Economics and the University of International Business and Economics dropped 20, it was still higher than that of many top 985 universities. Therefore, the difficulty of being admitted by the two universities and the One trade university was not significantly reduced.Why does financial and economic college enter oneself for an examination heat meeting reduce?Maybe everyone is wondering why the popularity of financial and economic colleges has decreased after the epidemic.Personally, this is mainly related to the economic form of our country and the world.After the epidemic, the situation of the world economy is not so optimistic, and when the world economy is not good, the financial industry will inevitably suffer a blow, and then the employment problem of the financial industry will become prominent.Many financial institutions have had to cut salaries to hire staff, or even lay them off.In the case of the tepid demand, therefore, the examinee enter oneself for an examination the enthusiasm down naturally, although for now, effect is not very big, but if the world economy continues to weaken, countries in order to make the internal economic sustainable development, is bound to the economic transformation, turning to the entity industry, especially in manufacturing industry, at the same time to expand domestic demand, stimulate consumption.Unlike the real industry, the financial industry has always been an industry where money makes money. It is not a product of practical significance. Therefore, without the recovery of the world economy, it is difficult for the industry to be reversed in a short time.Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) : Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is a key research-oriented university directly under the Administration of the Ministry of Education of China, with its main disciplines of economics and management and coordinated development of economics, management, law, liberal arts, science and philosophy. Sufe is one of the first batch of universities to be constructed as one of the world first-class universities in China and the national “211 Project” and “985 Project Innovation Platform for Superior Disciplines”.It is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and Shanghai Municipality.School is in the national “111 project”, outstanding legal talent education training plan, the national college students’ innovative entrepreneurial training programs, national economics talent training base, the national overseas high-level talents innovative entrepreneurial base, the national practice of colleges and universities entrepreneurship education innovation base, the Ministry of Education humanities and social science research base and national construction under high level university graduate programs,History of nanjing University of Finance and Economics: Nanjing University of Finance and Economics was founded in 1917 as the business department of Nanjing Higher Normal University. It is the first institution of higher learning independently founded by Chinese people to study business.1921 The department of Business was expanded and reorganized and relocated to Shanghai, where national Southeast University was established and Shanghai University of Business was established.After that, it went through the stages of business School of National Central University. In 1932, it was independently established and named As National Shanghai Business School.1950 It was renamed Shanghai Institute of Finance and Economics.1960 It was renamed Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.1985 It was renamed Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.In 2000, the school was placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Education by the Ministry of Finance.Discipline construction: The university has 9 first-level disciplines, including philosophy, theoretical Economics, Applied Economics and Public Administration.15 master’s degree authorization centers in first-level disciplines, 13 professional master’s degree authorization centers, and 7 post-doctoral research stations;It has one national “double First-class” discipline and four national key second-level disciplines (including cultivation).In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, applied Economics and Business Administration were rated AS A, statistics as A-, theoretical economics and Marxist theory as B+.As can be seen from the alternation of hot and cold in finance and economics colleges, the degree of hot and cold is relative, and there may be a reversal.Especially for the specialized colleges and universities, the degree of its cold and hot completely depends on the degree of application of its major. When the major is popular, applicants naturally flock to it, but if the major changes from hot to cold, it will experience a period of decline, which is inevitable.In this respect, comprehensive colleges and universities have strong stability, because the profession is all walks of life, so the east is not bright, the west is bright, cold and popular majors will coexist for a long time, the admission score is relatively stable, will not appear too big fluctuations.Perhaps because of this, the country is paying more and more attention to the comprehensive construction of colleges and universities.Everybody enters oneself for an examination to the phenomenon that heat of one trade of two money cold cut step by step, what view is there?Thank you for reading!