Hot pot restaurants use “gutter oil”?13.76 million yuan in compensation and a prison sentence

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Hotpot, is the favorite of many foodies there is nothing that a hot pot can’t solve!If so, have two hot pot meals!!But what if it’s “gutter oil” hot pot?Would you still be happy?Yesterday, the hashtag # hotpot restaurant owner was charged 13.76 million yuan for repeatedly using old oil.According to high court officials in chengdu WeChat news recently, the high court in chengdu public hearing in hotpot restaurant production, sales of poisonous and harmful food “gutter oil” events in April 2018, the chengdu high-tech zone set sail bashu impression hotpot restaurant head pay so-and-so, directed the hot-pot restaurant two staff involved in waste oil refining after dinner.Through filtration, precipitation and other methods, the after-meal waste oil is recycled and processed into “old oil”, and then the “old oil” is added to the bottom of the new red pot and sold for customers to eat.According to the appraisal, from April 2018 to November 22, 2020, the store produced and sold the pot bottom with “old oil” for more than 1.37 million yuan.▲ Network graphics and text irrelevant penalty 13.76 million yuan!Operator sentenced to 10 years!On November 23, 2020, relevant personnel were detained during a surprise on-site inspection.Subsequently, Chengdu Gaoxin Procuratorate filed a civil public interest lawsuit attached to the criminal case — sentenced the defendant Fu xx to 10 years in prison and fined 2.6 million yuan;Meanwhile, the defendant Fu xx was ordered to make a public apology to the Chengdu media within 10 days after the verdict came into effect, and to pay compensation of 13.76028 million yuan to the People’s Procuratorate of Chengdu High-tech Zone, the plaintiff of the attached civil public interest lawsuit.Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of six years to the defendant Zhu Mou, fined 100,000 yuan;The defendant Xu mou sentenced to five years in prison, and a fine of 60,000 yuan.After the verdict of the case, Fu and Xu refused to accept the verdict of the first instance and appealed to Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court. Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict on March 15, 2022.▲ Figure: It is reported by Chengdu High-tech Court that this case is the first one in Chengdu city to award compensation of tens of millions of yuan in a civil public interest lawsuit attached to the crime of endangering food safety.Netizens: more than just a hot pot we should pay attention to other food too hot on the search, topics read 25 million this is a matter of food safety events immediately sparked public concern for the punish netizens have published their own points of view comments @ is speechless, 198502: punishment really hard, but I support 1 advice on food safety, equally.@ Refuse Tang Hao many times: hope to do food businesses take warning.As a hotpot lover, I support the verdict.Not only hot pot, other food is also, food safety really should be paid attention to, is related to everyone’s health.@Cat too meow: Maybe because of the low level of punishment, so there are many unscrupulous businessmen doing products and business with ignorance of conscience, but also proud of it.Food safety is an issue concerning people’s livelihood, which requires people to have conscience and morality, as well as legal supervision and supervision.Related to the hot pot restaurant: cancelled platform has been searched shop reporters in the Eye of heaven check to see, Chengdu high-tech Zone set foot bashu impression hot pot restaurant was established on September 28, 2017, at present, the hot pot restaurant operating status shows: has been cancelled business license.The cancellation date is February 23, 2021.The store has also been unavailable on Autonamap and Dianping.Finally remind consumers encounter problems please do not hesitate to complain to the operators involved industry competent authority involving infringement may lodge a lawsuit to the court to edit | | ying-ying jin source in chengdu, the chengdu high court “official WeChat, chengdu commercial daily share point