Good accommodation | 143 square meters suite 3, large horizontal hall Chinese and Western double kitchen + 3 bedrooms with bay window?

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China Merchants Future Park is the second phase TOD product of Xingfu Bridge, with improved positioning. The unit price and total price belong to the middle and upper level in the region, but the house design is good.The construction area of the first batch of apartments is about 143-268 square meters, and the main ones include a floor area of about 143-170 square meters and a floor area of about 188-268 square meters. The product area is basically in line with the mainstream demand of market improvement.To build 143 square meters of entry level apartment type A as an example, set for four rooms, two halls and two bathrooms, elevator independent access, good privacy, storage function is relatively strong;Guest restaurant with large horizontal hall design, Chinese and Western double kitchen, “T” design, the activity line do not disturb each other;The guest restaurant is connected with a balcony with a view of about 7 meters long, which gives a wide view of the whole area.L-shaped kitchen design, high space utilization;Guest wei although not big, but also enough to use, and is three separate fully bright design, to avoid bacterial breeding at the same time can also achieve the convenience of using the toilet at the same time of the morning peak.But regrettable is whole door does not have life balcony, washing machine and air bask in area can be installed only on landscape balcony, can not quite beautiful.Master bedroom suite design, with independent bathroom and independent cloakroom, as well as about large bay window, functional;Additional 3 rooms, eliminate study, the other two second lie area basically exceeded 10 smooth rice, and have wave window design, can regard children room and old person room as use.Study if later period can also be placed tatami, home visitors can be used as temporary guest room.Overall, the house is fully bright design, reasonable moving line, good lighting and ventilation performance, very suitable for a family of four or three generations of improved family.Article source: joy in to buy a house Premium content recommended shuangliu district 2022 young little sign up around the corner and see your child can read?Housing in a scarce location within one ring?Steady steady don’t charge yet!House type is more strange unit price is not low 28 plate pure new plate will be forensics!The first batch of 131 square meters will be promoted to improve the housing supply