The whole network sells like hot cakes!ThinkPad X1 Nano takes the top spot for the high-end, lightweight pen

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As ThinkPad’s flagship work in the era of innovation and leadership, ThinkPad X1 series has always represented ThinkPad’s exploration of the limits of high-end business.Among them, ThinkPad X1 Nano with excellent product performance and 907G to the light shape, by many professionals love, immediately sold out “famous scene” many times.Now, this model opened a limited time discount, like this product friends might wish to pay attention to.ThinkPad X1 Nano, as a popular chicken of high-end business books, has the all-color technical black appearance as deep as the night, and the soft skin coating on the surface brings the silk-like delicate feel, making this notebook realize the collision of science and technology with humanity.At the same time, thanks to the aero-grade carbon fiber body shell, and careful planning from the internal motherboard design to every engineering detail, the weight reaches 907g, which is significantly ahead of other high-end flagship models on the market, starting at 1kg.In the quiet appearance and light weight, hidden is powerful strength.ThinkPad X1 Nano has excellent performance, the highest equipped with the new 11th generation Of Intel Core I7 processor with sharp Actions Xe graphics card, with 10nm production process and SuperFin technology, compared with the previous generation of processor platform performance improved by nearly 20%, in the face of graphic design and video clips can be easily.Hard disk: PCIE 4.0 solid-state drives up to 2TB can be disassembled. With the dedicated hard disk protection subsystem in the BIOS, data security can be truly guaranteed to avoid privacy leakage.As a pioneer productivity tool, performance and battery life are only part of the story, but gorgeous output and user-friendly input are essential.ThinkPad X1 Nano adopts 13-inch 2K resolution HD screen, supports Dolby Vision, 16:10 perfect screen ratio to bring more suitable picture experience, supports 100% sRGB high color gamut to bring bright picture display, but also supports up to 450Nits brightness, outdoor scene restore clear picture.Bring users a perfect audio-visual experience.In the mobile office era, which requires file transfer and online conferencing, laptops need to rely on the ubiquitous mobile network.When 5G network is widely used, ThinkPad X1 Nano provides a version that supports 5G mobile network in addition to traditional Wi-Fi connection, ensuring high-speed and stable network experience for users.In pursuit of flagship performance, the ThinkPad X1 Nano continues the brand’s legacy with TrackPoint red Hat and a mouse button over the trackpad that can be used in airports, high-speed trains and outdoor business scenarios where mouse use is difficult.Help business travelers to easily achieve mouse positioning, content selection and other functions including input operations.At the same time, the full-size keyboard with backlit design, so that users can accurately type information in a low-light environment, and bring users a comfortable text input experience.To protect business data security, the ThinkPad X1 Nano is equipped with ThinkShutter and Glance applications.The former can provide the facial recognition function for business travelers, under the cooperation of fingerprint unlock and password unlock, multiple safeguard data security.The latter, with the help of an IR camera, can intelligently track eye orientation and automatically blur the screen if it detects someone peeping from behind, protecting personal privacy.ThinkPad has always been committed to providing users with the best mobile office experience. It has become a masterpiece in the evolution of the PC era by centering on the three genes of people-oriented, technological innovation and ingenuity.The X1 Nano with 907g light and compact body, with excellent performance and excellent screen, become the best choice for many business people!ThinkPad X1 Nano is on sale across all platforms.