Taishan team coach appears major adjustment!Hao Wei good brother left a team, the former heroes return to iron guard

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Last season, hao Wei made quite a few changes to the coaching staff and first-team players after being restored by Taishan Club, and these changes also brought very positive changes to the team.Kadar loan team, Delgado and Liu Yang li Xiaopeng look up to the players, hao Wei have been reused.It was the outstanding performance of these fringe players from the Li Xiaopeng era that helped Taishan successfully win the CSL double title last season.Tasted the sweet taishan club, also in the new season to the team to make a greater adjustment.It is reported that Han Peng and Zhou Haibin, two important members of taishan first team coaching staff, will leave taishan first team next season, respectively, to taishan 05 and 07 age echelon as the head coach.Han Peng and Zhou Haibin are excellent players from luneng youth training, and their understanding and familiarity with Shandong Team is obviously much higher than that of foreign teachers.Now the two are entrusted with the task of coaching Taishan Terrace, also shows the club to their ability of recognition and trust.I believe that they will not live up to the club’s trust in them, and will devote 100% of their efforts in their new positions to help Shandong to cultivate more potential new talents in the future.In addition to Han Peng and Zhou Haibo, wang Qiang, a decorated defender who played for Luneng for four seasons, will return to Shandong in the new season as the head coach of the 2009 Duan Taishan Echelon Team.Wang qiang, 40, started his career at Dalian Hengfeng and later joined shenyang Jinde reserve team.As a central defender in the team, Wang Qiang showed great potential, so he was selected to the National Youth Team coached by Wang Baoshan, and has been the main central defender of the team.In the 2003 season, Wang qiang joined the first team of Kinde and soon established himself in the team and became the absolute main force in the defensive line.Wang qiang was selected to the national team coached by Gao Hongbo in 2009 because of his outstanding performances in the league.In the 2011 season, Wang Qiang was transferred to Shandong Luneng Football Team.In the first two seasons after joining Luneng, Wang Qiang has been the main center back in the team.But with the arrival of Australian defender McGerwin in the 2013 season, Wang qiang gradually lost his position in Luneng’s team.After being relegated to the fringes of the team, Wang moved to Beijing Renhe for the 2016 season and played for the team until the end of the 2018 season.After retirement, Wang Qiang returned to his hometown of Dalian and began to work as a football coach at Gaoxin Central Primary School.Although he has left Luneng for many years, Wang Qiang’s affection for Shandong has been very deep.After Taishan won the Chinese Super League title last season, Wang was the first to send his best wishes to his former team on social media.Wang Qiang’s return to taishan Club is also widely expected.I believe that he, who has had more than 2 years of youth football training experience, will spare no effort to impart his rich experience to the young players of Taishan Echelon team through words and deeds.After Han Peng and Zhou Haibin left taishan first team, Hao Wei’s coaching staff also needs to supplement new people, and the current team in the 35-year-old veteran Zhang Chi is undoubtedly a very suitable candidate.It is reported that Zhang Chi will be a player and coach in the next season, into the taishan first team coaching staff, from players to coaches began the identity transformation.And zhang Chi with the same age veteran Dai Lin, next season’s whereabouts is also a topic of concern for many Shandong fans.Many fans expect deileen to remain at Tarzan for the new season, and it has been reported that deileen has signed a one-year contract extension with Tarzan.However, the news has not been confirmed by taishan club.Some people think that Dai Lin can also like Zhang Chi into the taishan team coaching staff next season.However, She said on air that she hoped to play one or two more seasons before retiring.Therefore, it is very likely that Dai Lin will leave Shandong next season and transfer to another Chinese Super League or Chinese First League team.Although it is a pity that Dai Lin can not retire in Taishan, we also wish the eight-year veteran of taishan the best. We hope he can find a new employer as soon as possible and continue to play in the new season.