Stark contrasts in football!How to blow the women’s soccer team and scold the men’s soccer team

2022-07-16 0 By

With the women’s national football team winning strongly in the Asian Cup, people’s interest in women’s sports has reached a certain level, especially after the men’s national football team lost to Vietnam by a big margin.Whether it is football, like the spirit of lang Ping’s women’s volleyball team in the early years, or the World Cup runner-up in Sun Wen’s period, all of our girls are women.They won one world championship after another in that tough environment.In that era without war, they also let the world know China.Look at our male compatriots, and world-class female athletes or formed a sharp contrast.Although these male athletes are paid tens of millions or more, when they arrive on the world stage, they crumble.No wonder Vietnam sneers at us when they trample us, Chinese players have big bellies, high salaries and beautiful wives but just can’t play.And the Internet has given our men’s feet a boost by showing off their abs.As a professional player, you are not expected to have the body of a fitness instructor, but as a competitive sport, this body is not justified.In fact, with the promotion of the marketization of professional sports, competitive sports are still more inclined to men.The current situation is to get sponsorship for men’s events and then to help women.It makes men’s competitive sports less pure, or I’m in it for the money.Rather than playing for the national team, I’d prefer to earn it at home.And the women’s project is obviously much more intense, their selection is pure enough, because there is no interest entanglements, basically is who line who top.Perhaps it was in such a difficult environment that the spirit of women’s volleyball and football came into being.In fact, they are the most should be concerned about the group, just because they let the chest of China two people more colorful.Fortunately, the people’s eyes are clear, recently a well-known enterprise also decided to give 10 million women’s football as a reward.This is also a good start for the commercialization of our women’s program.There is no reason for them to sweat for nothing.What is more ridiculous is that some people say that women’s football should not be treated too well, or they will degenerate like men’s football.At this point, I really find it ridiculous. Competitive sports are only for youth, and their peak is only for a few years. That’s why big-name sports stars get such high salaries.By your logic, superstars like Kobe and Messi should be getting low salaries.Or you’d be hungry for sex.The reason for the rapid prosperity of competitive sports is not only that it is wonderful, but also that its commercial added value is the fundamental reason for its sustainable prosperity.Generally speaking, without the support of the economy, no matter how good the league can not be held.The same goes for women’s sports. Today, if you gave the women half as much as the men, maybe they would do better, don’t you think?