King of Glory: Looking at the skin of king during Spring Festival, I feel my wallet has been emptied

2022-07-16 0 By

To say the speed of the skin I really admire king of Glory, especially during this Spring Festival, king of Glory online skin can be said to be a year since I have seen the most, so today we take stock of a few skins during the spring online.One, the year of the Tiger limited five skin Spring Festival limited skin has always been the tradition of king of glory, this year king of glory is a one-time online five skin, more excessive is that there are two is the legend of the skin, plus the first week of discounts and all kinds of concessions, the five skin if bought together will be 4312 coupons, also equivalent to 431.2 yuan.Ii. Liu Bang’s Wuthering Sword Clan is a skin for a limited time warrior. Fortunately, the price is not expensive, 60 points is 6 yuan, but this skin does not have a separate voice lines and animation.Nezha’s flying flame on snow is a skin with the theme of the Winter Olympic Games. Nezha rides on skis and is a skier flying in the valley. The special effects are quite good, and the discount of 710 points is 71 yuan for the first week.Four, Yunyao combination of Valentine’s Day limited skin yao and yunzhong jun when the wish, a legend of the skin, an epic skin, yao sales still make sense, but yunzhong Jun this skin is really not to flatter, after all, the hero is really less people to buy, two skin package price for 1999 coupons, that is, 199.9 dollars.Five, the collection of the star field revelation glory of zhuge liang skin, while there are many players on his evaluation is not so good, but still a lot of people use in qualifying, modelling and skill is special effects can actually, just always let a person feel he is a coming together of other skin, price, I think most people want to smoke to get full glory crystal, is about 2000 yuan.There are a total of nine skins, excluding Zhuge Liang’s skin, the others add up and under the premise of a discount will cost a total of 708.1 yuan, plus Zhuge Liang’s collection of glorious skin, this set down close to three thousand yuan, I feel my wallet will be empty, how much did you spend on the Spring Festival to buy skin