Door-to-door investigations are carried out to show a grid of responsibility for epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-16 0 By

Since the outbreak of the new round of COVID-19, the grid chiefs of The Streets of Changjiang Road have fully mobilized the floor chiefs and corridor chiefs to assist community grid members in weaving a large network of prevention and control work into the building and into the home, radiating the prevention and control force to every household.Grid as a whole, LouDongChang all-in, long corridor grid subdivision in accordance with the village, from house to carry out the “investigation”, for approval, return approval one by one to register, widely distributed flyers posted, notice and epidemic prevention information, strict implementation of the current epidemic prevention and control policies, to protect the residents of the physical and mental health of the masses, maintain the social and public health security.With confidence, solidarity, scientific prevention and control, and targeted measures, Changjiang Road and Sub-district adhere to the Grid service management led by party construction as the starting point to advance the epidemic prevention and control work in detail.Street has 11 village, the party branch established in 31 grid, divided into 120 grid, realizing a complete coverage of all the village house, zero line, and in accordance with the “one by one” with 124 mtcsol grid member, party branch secretary and grid, grid, the party leader, community police, community doctors, LouDongChang, long corridor, volunteer service team together to form a grid,To improve the organizational structure of grid member, floor leader and corridor leader, the street has a total of 45 urban construction communities. In order to further strengthen the access management of the community, 45 building leader groups and 2053 building unit residents groups have been established.Elected floor leader and corridor long 2326 people, widely carried out carpet investigation, all-weather guard, multiple measures of publicity, fine services.Grid staff actively carried out epidemic prevention and control publicity work, patiently spread epidemic prevention and control knowledge to grid residents, urged them to return to the gathering, ensure that there is no gathering, and improve the awareness rate of prevention and control policies.At the same time, grid service teams are actively engaged in the checkpoint work of epidemic prevention and control, checking and registering passing vehicles and people entering and leaving, visiting people coming to and returning to Huaihe Valley, grasping accurate information in detail, updating information in real time, and making grid epidemic prevention and control work available to every unit and every household.Grid service teams also carried out epidemic prevention and control checks on hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, Internet cafes and other operating stores as well as key enterprise sites, conducted “knock on doors” visits and checks on registered population and floating population, and implemented a daily report system for migrants to solve problems in a timely manner.The epidemic prevention and control barrier has been firmly established in all respects, and the overall situation has been fully clear and the screening has been fully covered, so that no one is left behind.Unite as a force, scientific response, mass prevention and control, to overcome the epidemic advocate floor leader, corridor long volunteer service, find out the building residents’ information, do bottom son qing;Establish building wechat group, the building manager as the head of wechat group, strengthen building residents management;Publicize epidemic prevention policies and knowledge in a timely manner, and guide residents to strengthen the awareness of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and treatment;The grid management of epidemic prevention and control in The Streets of Changjiang Road has played an important role in preventing the spread of the epidemic.Time after time of guard, time after time of investigation, every person’s humble strength gathered into a force to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, put the well-being of grid residents in the first place, protect behind!(Gu Tong Chen Yu-jia)