Borrow bai exceed the time limit, how to negotiate delay 3 years?

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After borrowing bai overdue, want to negotiate deferred repayment, can refer to the following steps: call alipay official customer service to put forward an application for deferred repayment upload the materials needed to prove that delayed repayment is successful in accordance with the above steps, it is ok.However, as to whether it can be extended for 3 years, it depends on alipay’s extension policy, because alipay’s extension policy is always changing, sometimes it can only be extended for 1 year at most, sometimes it can be extended for 2 years at most.Of course, when the policy is good, the maximum is 3 years.If you can’t turn it over for a short period of time, you can ask for an extension of 1-2 months.It is indeed alipay’s policy to postpone repayment, but there will be a lot of difficulties when applying for extension of repayment.For example, why should Alipay give you an extension?Can you provide the proof of deferment of repayment?So after the extension, how can Alipay believe that you will be able to repay in full?So when applying for an extension of repayment, the following issues, must pay attention to: extension of repayment, not make an official phone call can be successful.So if you get rejected, don’t give up and keep fighting.If you still refuse, you can omit the extension and emphasize how Alipay’s collection bothers you.Then ask the other person to suggest a solution.Proof of delayed repayment generally includes credit report, poverty proof, bank card flow and so on.Poverty is proving harder to crack.Before applying, you can go to the street or village committee and ask if you can get a poverty certificate.If it is not open, then ask the negotiation commissioner can use other proof materials instead, such as unemployment proof, income proof and so on.Delay reimbursement, it is to pay treasure to do not have any interest.Therefore, the other party will definitely refuse. At this time, you can try to use the help of the third party supervision department.If the other party does not agree to negotiate extension, then you can try to go to the supervision department, complain about alipay violence collection, abuse and intimidation of your family and so on.But when you complain, be sure to provide relevant evidence.Finally sum up: after borrow bai overdue, want to negotiate extension 3 years.Can operate according to the following steps, the first: call alipay official customer service.Second: explain their difficulties, put forward an application for deferred repayment.Third: upload the material proof required to apply for extension of repayment.Fourth: the extension is successful, after the expiration of a one-time settlement of all arrears.