This world, is terrible, or love terrible

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In our life in this world, there are many beautiful things, always decorate our life, embellish our life, let our life, from now on more wonderful to enjoy the happiness and happiness of the world.Love and people are not terrible, meet the right, is the best love and the best person.A New Year, a new beginning.Hope once old thing, can bid farewell to all bad people bad mood in the prayer of all turn over.In the New Year, say goodbye to all the unhappy people and things and have a new starting point, since the breakup with that once person, since we disappeared from each other’s circle of friends, I have not seen your trace.Sadly, people who were once so close disappear as if they never existed.Sometimes, I really do not know, this world, in the end is terrible, or love terrible.Once the pledge of eternal love so promise, once all the sweet words after tenderness, once I wanton show of tenderness and pride of pure love, just like the fireworks released in the Spring Festival, bright beauty is actually so short.Does anyone need some attention?Hey, let’s be honest: I need a love.Love and life, there are always people coming and going, there are always people, inside and outside the shuttle, in a hurry busy.But they did not forget in their busyness to get attention in the crowd.Every person around us, in fact, are so, are in earnest efforts to use their own all over the solution, only hope that they can keep the eyes of the public for a moment, in order to meet their different wishes.Everything in love, just like fate, sadness is always repeated in the interpretation.In fact, everything inside and outside has not changed, but in and out of the people, has not been that a group of people.Love is also like this, bright radiant light, also like the brilliant fireworks, after the dazzling light, is the darkness and silence disappear into thin air.Three, you have been very hard, there is no fault, after this winter, everything will be better and better.Some people joke: good-looking skin bags swingy by nature, interesting soul single addiction.My skin is not pretty, and I am not a lothario.Whether the soul is interesting or not is for others to judge, but I’m definitely not addicted to being single.I know that no matter how good the scenery is, it needs someone to enjoy it with.I am always expecting surprises and good luck in my life.Someone once told me: life not only to continuous efforts and struggle, but also in their own life, constantly to accumulate virtue and goodness.Because people with good character, self-discipline and hard work, god will naturally bring her the life she wants.Four, if each other like to drink together, while the night is not over to continue this love, the pain of love, lies in missing.And missing the bitter, is after breaking up.I miss you, but I can not send wechat, I dare not call, maybe because I am afraid that you will not answer, or I am afraid to give you trouble.Perhaps, you already did not care about me, perhaps I have become you after dinner and others about a yellow joke.Although since the breakup, I have always felt that I am a sympathetic and intelligent person.Carefully thought about the past, indeed, love in the people, who is not ridiculous people.Ridiculous people and people can be funny, naturally there will be ridiculous or hateful place.Once a little privacy have no people, now ridiculous even wechat can not go.Ha ha ha, is not to sound particularly ridiculous, but I can only be a wry smile.Five, the day suddenly black, later just found, the day is not suddenly black……”I’ve been on the top of mountains and I’ve been on the bottom of valleys, and I’ve learned a lot from both.”Once, I am also very proud, also……I just met you who made me obsessed.In my life, you are the only one who can torment me in my heart.Because, we have torn in love, entangled.Although MY heart now, there are still all kinds of unwilling, but everything has become the past.After breaking up, do not love and greed in the past, to delay their own trapped in the future.The future love, will naturally appear in the future.So, don’t worry about the loneliness in front of you, don’t think your phone is too quiet.Because once you, is not also for a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings, and desalinated all people?Breaking up is not terrible, lovelorn is nothing.Just don’t forget, the goodness of life is everywhere.As the saying goes: one year has its own taste, a station has its own station scenery.Alas!Stupid people, always because of stupid and forget the future.Some people say: with love, life will be bright.I heard the wind, the wind went to the distance I want to go.Therefore, I have the desire to pursue love.Because hope is what keeps me going.Conclusion: excellent is your own thing, understand my talent and I related.A person’s life is meaningful only when he bids farewell to the old world and yearns for love forever.When you say goodbye to the past, there will be new encounters in the new world, to make life more brilliant.Human sophisticated world, always true or false people sigh.And the love in our life, also has the same beauty.In the daytime, there is always a dark moment.Life, who can not always accompany who;People, there will always be a parting moment.Alas ~ well, there are always a lot of words want to say, think about it, or forget it, or silently put it in my heart.This article by the wisdom of the central Plains original first thank you for your attention welcome to share pictures from the network if there is infringement please inform to delete