“The Road to Financial Freedom”, after reading surprised;Where did all my money go?

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At the age of 26, he had a personal crisis and was deeply in debt.Four years later, he was not only out of debt, but also living a rich life on interest.Bodo hated poverty.Schaefer, decided to tell us the success of the experience, let everyone understand the hard truth of saving money.Take full responsibility for yourself and don’t blame anyone.If the mobile phone is stolen to blame the thief, the money is cheated scold cheater.Why are you always the unlucky few?Everything from their own reasons, good at solving problems, in order to control what they should control.It is the same with making money. It is better to think more about the way to make money than to complain about the difficulty of making money.It’s Hard to Get Rich, It’s Easy To Stay Poor There are many books in the bookshops on how to get rich, but few rich people.Why is it useful for some people to read and useless for others?It turns out that what keeps poor after learning is not that books are useless, but that thinking has problems.It’s not easy to get rich, but it’s all too easy to stay poor.Poor people have no idea how much money they have to earn or what kind of life they want.So when poor people are lazy, they don’t think about what they are losing.The concept of wealth of people, steal a while lazy, as if lost a hundred million, so more diligent.To get rid of poverty, we must set a goal;Print out the day you want to live and the money you want to earn and read it every day!2. The poor who do not think wealth is necessary are generally more Buddhist;Think wealth is better than nothing.This kind of thinking can make you lose your motivation to make money and make you shy away when things get tough.If you really want to get what you want, you have to endure.If you don’t follow through, it’s hard to beat your opponent.Even if you sell a pancake, when business is bad, you have to survive.When the opponent can not endure, a street of pancake fruit is not yours?To get rich, not all insist on good results, but do not insist on there must be no.The poor accept fate, unwilling to take responsibility, can not learn from failure.Complaining about a bad job when it’s not done well;If the business doesn’t do well, it’s the business that’s not doing well.There are no peers with benefits, do not pay 200% of the effort, how may stand out?”Lie flat” dawdle, think where all volume, hard also can’t see hope, accept fate is his best excuse.Solidified thinking, the road before us only leaves a;That’s downhill.Only the growth-minded acknowledge that ability can be improved through constant effort.Poor people care more about their disadvantages, have no courage to show the advantage of this problem, to put it bluntly is sensitive and inferiority.Poor people especially care about how others perceive their inferiority and spend a lot of time and energy to hide their inferiority.As a result, the more you hide, the worse you get.In fact, the beginning of the success and mediocrity of the decision of the alpha male is not a disadvantage, but the alpha male is an advantage;Make good use of advantages, in order to be closer to success.Debt Problem Some people borrow to invest, others borrow to consume.Investment goods to buy the right can make money, but borrowing money to consume high, is the least cost-effective.Poor people carry expensive bags, in the eyes of others also like a fake.Flaunting wealth doesn’t make you rich.For ordinary people, high consumption can only lead to the path of more poor.Even if we are living beyond our means, we will have to eat our means in the future.Spend your future money to ensure your future earning power.But who can make sure that no accidents happen to future children?Just like the epidemic that we have today.So, even if borrow money to invest, also want to be measured.Author’s point: If you earn 8000 a month, you can only save 5000 after eating, drinking and cleaning.Well, you’d better pay off the $2,500 and save the rest.We should also look after the 2,500 we have saved, and never let people with ulterior motives cheat us out.Many people do not want to save money, believing that inflation is so severe that they will lose money if they save.But have you thought about it?Saved at least in the future hand still have money, eat and drink all spent, in the future when the money, cry too late.Why some people with low income can save money;And some people are not low wages, or living paycheck to paycheck or even can’t afford to spend?Because some people are good at living beyond their means, while others are just temporary and don’t mind living beyond their means.Even if you’re earning just enough, don’t be afraid that saving will reduce your quality of life.You can try saving 10% a month and see how much your quality of life drops.Those who can get rich have an ability;Be willing to sacrifice your present enjoyment for your long-term benefit.Wealth eludes those who muddle along.Although it is difficult to seek profit without capital;But saving can add up, and it’s more important to form the habit of accumulating wealth.To get closer to financial freedom, you should save as much as you can and as little as you can, but don’t skip saving.Take 10% and buy an old hen that lays golden eggs. If you only eat eggs, you will have more and more wealth.If you are lucky enough to get a bonus, you should spend half of it to buy old hens.What’s left is to improve your life.5. Investment and speculation are not the same, although they are all money invested, but buy-to-let is investment, because you can collect rent.Stocks and homes are speculation because you can’t tell until you sell.But speculation is not bad.Use some of your investment earnings to speculate, and your future may be more secure.You never know;Speculation may fail, investment may shrink;But there are pros and cons, and you can’t have a payoff without risk.When there is no money, save first, accumulate to a certain extent and then invest;Speculation is the last thing to consider when investment returns are similar.There are three steps you can take to achieve financial security and the confidence to try and make mistakes in pursuit of high returns.If one day you can live on interest, congratulations, you are financially free.What I learned: While the book doesn’t tell us exactly what makes money, the idea of wealth is universal.It is especially helpful to improve initial financial intelligence.Don’t want to be poor all your life can try!