Netizen anger asks “eat ham sausage to need what academic degree”?Shuanghui response

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Source | morning news, the southern metropolis daily recently, some Revelations in the chicken shuanghui sausages online to a bad foreign body, immediately deal with customer service, to refuse customer service “for only 1 root” sausages, refunds received under the platform in the whole list.The next day customer service private letter this netizen, attack its degree, “looked at XX college, no wonder” “three university students” and so on.Shuanghui responded to nandu reporters on March 28, saying that the shop involved is not directly operated by shuanghui and it has been ordered to suspend operations and improve service quality.In addition, after – sale service personnel have obtained the problem ham sausage, are on its detection.The cause of deterioration is still under investigation.According to the video posted online, a netizen claimed that he bought a box of Shuanghui chicken sausage online and found that there was a piece of ham sausage with congeal residue in the shape of white latex. “It was not stored in a bad environment,” he immediately contacted the customer service.Customer service thinks the netizen’s storage way exists a problem, put forward “only compensates the money of 1 ham sausage”.The user thinks that the remaining ham sausage did not appear this problem, can rule out improper storage caused by deterioration, so do not accept this after-sales program.Under the platform intervention, the netizen received the entire order of refund.The netizen also said, the next morning, she received customer service private letter attack its degree, “bad a whole box back, that is the quality of the embodiment” “look at the XX college, no wonder” “nothing to see the relevant provisions, three university students should understand it”.On March 28, narada reporters asked Shuanghui for confirmation on the matter.Shuanghui responded that it had verified the case and that the store was not directly operated by shuanghui, and the store owner had properly dealt with the customer.Shuanghui has ordered the store to close for rectification and improve service quality.In addition, after – sale service personnel have obtained the problem ham sausage, are on its detection.The cause of deterioration is still under investigation.The customer service staff verbally attacked consumers because of their personal emotions, but the “degree discrimination” revealed in it has aroused many netizens’ sympathy.Most of the netizens in the comment section said that businesses should face up to the quality of their products, instead of judging and doubting the quality of a person based on his or her educational background.Shuanghui has been frequently exposed to food safety problems recently.SMW previously reported, March 14, a mess media to release the nanchang shuanghui factory investigation, said in the video, nanchang shuanghui factory production disinfection workshop air shower system damage, the uniform stunk dirt does not change, many employees did not press process operation disinfection, fell on the ground pork chops unwashed directly use, with a muddy water washing towel to wipe the pork and other food safety problems.In response to the related problems, the Ganjiang New District Market supervision bureau of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province has issued a correction notice to Nanchang Shuanghui Company, requiring the enterprise to rectify immediately, and the suspected violations of laws and regulations on file investigation.On the evening of March 15, Shuanghui issued an apology on its official website, saying that it had suspended those responsible, and cooperated with the market supervision department of Jiangxi Province to investigate and verify the disposal. Two samples of products were sent for inspection, and related products were traced, sealed and controlled.At the same time, the work clothes of all employees in Nanchang Shuanghui will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and staff food safety training and assessment will be strengthened.We will continue to push forward the rectification work, assess the relevant impact, and fulfill the information disclosure obligation in accordance with relevant provisions.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: