During the Spring Festival holiday, tourists around Shijiazhuang are favored by the public

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Gongs and drums rang, happy New Year.During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, in response to the initiative of “Celebrating the Spring Festival in place”, Tours and in-depth games around major cities in China have attracted the attention of tourists.In Shijiazhuang Zhengding ancient city, Luquan Longquan ancient town, pingshan 沕沕 water scenic area and other places, the public card network red destination, unlock the scenic area new gameplay.Enjoying lanterns, watching flowers, immersing oneself in play, and riding on snow have become new choices for the Spring Festival at home.The Spring Festival coincides with the Winter Olympics, and people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is high.During the holidays, the ice and snow carnival outside the south Gate of Zhengding County attracts many tourists, such as skiing, spinning flying saucers, snow tanks, snowmobiles…People enjoy riding on the snow.On the high snow slope, snow circles of various colors side by side, people sit on the top of the handrail, the people behind gently push, snow circles quickly sliding down from the height, it is fun and exciting.The visitors at the scene wanted to do it again.During the interview, they all said, “We should get active during the New Year. Snow activities are the most suitable and interesting.Not only children like to play, but we adults also enjoy ourselves.”It is reported that the winter tourism activity with the theme of “Winter tour Shijiazhuang to help the Winter Olympics” is in progress and will last until March 2022.Before the Spring Festival, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Municipal Bureau of Sports jointly released 10 winter boutique tourism routes. Many scenic spots also actively seek new ideas in traditional projects, add new projects, improve new taste, hold a variety of ice and snow events, create an atmosphere of ice and snow activities, and bring tourists a new experience of playing ice and snow.At present, snow and ice recreation projects such as Juguyuan ski resort in Pingshan County, 沕沕 water ice waterfall and ice lantern, west Changqing Ice and snow Town in Luquan District have been listed in the winter boutique tourism routes of Shijiazhuang city.In addition, Baoduzhai snow and ice carnival, Pingshan Red Yachu ski resort, Wuji Mountain ski resort, etc., have also become the new jin snow and ice tourism hot places.Grandma Liu entered the house, Bao Dai first meeting…In the Spring Festival holiday, zhengding Rongguo Fu Scenic spot launched a welcoming performance in front of the door, so that tourists are also intoxicated.Scenic guides and ticket inspectors also wear ancient costumes to take tourists through the ancient and modern times.Ear lingering TV series “dream of red Mansions” in the classic repertoire, pacing the “Golden gate Jade household immortal mansion, guidian Orchid palace concubine home”, we trance also became the red House dreamers.Light yellow wintersweet dark fragrance, open winter fall spring.Corner, the house is trying to bloom winter wintersweet, fragrance hit, and for everyone to add a surprise.Wang Qian, a resident, said: “The immersive tour is very special. The antique Rong Guo Fu is decorated with lights and flowers everywhere. The atmosphere of Spring Festival is strong.”In Luquan Longquan Ancient Town, visitors experience immersive real scene interpretation in the architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties.Jiangnan water town, film adventure, food feast, let people feel “through” the wonderful ancient and modern;In tumenguan Post Road town, under the background of thousands of lanterns, the intangible cultural Heritage show generals make gongs and drums roar. There are also beautiful little sisters wearing ancient costumes punching cards.In the pingshan 沕沕 water Scenic area, full of mysterious shengxian Bridge, up to 100 meters of time tunnel, colorful ice lights……In the colorful fairy tale world, so many tourists linger.Visitors said, “The blend of light and shadow, the thick smell of The New Year.””The Spring Festival is local, and the smell of Spring Festival is very strong at our door.”(Reporter Zhang Xiaojuan) Source: Shijiazhuang Daily