Collection!Where to buy a house in Yancheng?Urban mainstream real estate latest price range reference

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At the beginning of the New Year, yancheng property market?He Ming Ting real estate statistics yancheng new house price, this period of about 60 buildings are divided into 5 echelon, see your intention to house which echelon it?(Note: this statistics is classified according to the lowest standard) one Echelon: less than 1 million: 4 echelon houses are mainly part of small residential, such as Country Garden Ziyun Ming Di, Jinyue Mansion, etc.Two second echelon: 1-1.3 million: 11 this echelon of housing for more than 90 flat small apartment type, the average price of 12000 yuan /m² or so, on behalf of the real estate cloud map time, king Hui Yue City, Fengyue Fu, red star sea hewan day platinum.Third echelon: 1.3-1.6 million: 13 echelon houses are more than 100 square three room type houses, the average price in 11500-16000 yuan /m², on behalf of the real estate in the capital of liang No. 1, East Lake International, New City Longyue Fu, etc..Fourth echelon: 1.6 to 2 million: 12 this echelon except for Washington, the remaining real estate area is about 100 square, the average price of 17,000 yuan /m² fluctuated, representing the real estate fenglin House, Country Garden Star Diamond, Wanke Star East side, etc..The fifth echelon: more than 2 million: 16 echelon houses are mostly three-bedroom and four-bedroom houses of more than 100 square meters, most of which have an average price of more than 20,000 yuan /m², representing real estate such as Zhongnan Port Longjunqi, Center of Excellence, Longhu Tianyi, etc.Yancheng metropolitan area can be sold source classification, details see the following table: Special reminder: data for heming Ting property incomplete statistics, statistical standards to the lowest price as the boundary, the results for reference only.