Ma Sichun: Is this going abroad with her fiance to have a baby?

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Recently, a netizen ran into Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan in the UK.Zhang Zhexuan’s CURRENT IP address shows that he belongs to the UK. It is estimated that the couple went abroad to play.Originally this is nothing, unexpectedly, someone broke the news that Ma Sichun is going to the UK to have a baby?!Oh, really? After all that time of pregnancy, is it really a hammer?Last year, Ma looked at houses with her mother and needed help to walk.She did send a fitness photo to clarify, but just blocked the stomach, there is no silver three hundred taels.What’s fitness when you can do the splits when you’re pregnant?After ma Sichun’s various Reuters are super round, loose-fitting, not a female star look.Sister Chun, do you still remember that you were the early representative of pure desire style?Love top Ma Sichun what all don’t care, wholeheartedly on Zhang Zhexuan.Although male friend black material is a lot of, the whole net advises her to part company, family members also do not agree, but Ma Sai Chun followed as before by next legendary venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous venomous.Zhang Zhexuan friends even want to ask him out of the book “how to let female star hell-bent for my children”.That is to say, people who have worked with Yang Yang, Bai Jingting, Eddie Peng, Huang Jingyu and Wallace Huo have a bad eye.Goose and this sister has played a lot of hurt feelings in the past, still so love brain is really hard to understand.In Su’s The Left Ear, Ma Sichun plays Li Ba La, a young ma who easily seduces Xu Yi, an outstanding student played by Yang Yang.And quickly broke up with him, like very get not cherish slag female.Capricious SAO operation brings about Xu Yi college entrance examination failure, life downhill from now on.Li did it just to be with Ou Hao’s character Zhang Yang.Zhang Yang’s mother married Xu Yi’s father.As a result, Zhang Yang psychopathic want to revenge Xu Yi, let Ming love his li seduce the Xu Yi that studies well, abandon him ruthlessly again.He’s a high school student, but he’s a tough guy.Li bar brain also lacks a string, obviously Zhang Yang has girl friend to still eat soft rice, but still handle affairs for him, got zhang Yang’s body successfully finally.When two people plan to go together, Li La gave a traffic accident.Zhang Yang didn’t feel sad for a few days, but went to Beijing with her girlfriend. I don’t know what li Bar la was feeling underground.Finally, Zhang Yang and Li Ba la’s best friend together, the only guy in the world?The movies I made when I was a kid really ruin it.Let Ma Sichun jinma after the film “July and Ansheng”, the male protagonist is no problem cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men.Men home Ming in a pair of bestie in July and ansheng repeatedly walk between, although and July is male and female friends, but ansheng ambiguous not.Put their own personal jade Guanyin to Ansheng, get married when ansheng live in their own home.Their hesitation to cheat on a philandering man led to years of estrangement between the sisters.The man’s mental entanglement, does not affect the physical enjoyment, should sleep or have to sleep, July has been pregnant on the eve of the wedding.Fortunately, the drama in July is very promising, see that the male master love her and not so love her, decisively cancelled the wedding, but finally died of massive bleeding.Ansheng has been raising her daughter in July. Sisters are much more reliable than men.Ma Sichun Zhang Zhexuan after love, dedication has not been heavy, starred in the film “the first furnace of incense” word-of-mouth box office double attack street, TV series “River dawn” is highly praised.The show was supposedly picked up by her agent to wake up her love brain.Song Zuer, who is also a love brain, was completely transformed after playing The children of The Qiao Family, and her symptoms were much lighter.But Ma sichun is about to disappoint his agent.In the drama, Ma sichun’s husband is abusive, cheating and in debt, but Li Xiaonan, played by Ma Sichun, is just like her in real life. She never abandons men who cheat on women.Even with all his heart and soul, a man who cheated on a woman’s affections tried to kill her!Li Xiaonan asthma, deliberately can not find medicine.After the death of her husband, the mother-in-law is not a thrifty lamp, their son owes all the money to the daughter-in-law.Li Xiaonan is true big injustice.Playing so many women who have been devastated by love, Ma Sichun can also plunge into the sweet words of men who cheat and play with women’s feelings, which May really can’t solve.What’s more, Zhang Zhexuan also does not accord with Ma Sichun’s past aesthetic, Ma Jie likes to wear simple, sitting in the river poetry of literary youth.Zhang Zhexuan’s clothes aesthetic is not ma Sichun’s heartbeat DNA, not what literary youth.Countless netizens want to ask: Ma Sichun, what do you want him?Maybe there really is something special about it…Can only say respect, blessing!