Jiang Wanrong, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-rural Development, said, “We will deepen the pilot projects for coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and smart connected vehicles.

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Source:Louise wealth association on March 26, living building, vice minister of Jiang Wanrong in the eighth China electric car c) on the BBS, said the ministry will jointly with the departments concerned to earnestly implement the central committee of the State Council decision deployment, combined with the implementation of urban renewal action, relying on the wisdom of city infrastructure and smart snatched the coordinated development of auto pilot,Further explore ways and methods to realize the coordinated development of automobiles and cities, and continuously improve the carrying capacity, livable and inclusiveness of cities.First, we will deepen trials for coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and smart connected vehicles.Explore new modes of urban smart infrastructure construction and operation twice, and strive to continuously reduce the construction cost of smart infrastructure through technological innovation.Third, promote the connectivity of driving data.Through the construction of a unified interconnected vehicle city network platform, real-time dynamic monitoring of urban intelligent infrastructure, perception facilities and vehicles can be realized to better support the application of intelligent connected vehicles.Fourth, promote the reconstruction of urban transportation system.Fifth, we will intensify scientific and technological innovation.Housing housing and urban and rural construction department under the State Council in conjunction with the relevant departments around the city transformation and the needs of the development of high quality, promote construction of a batch of urban and rural construction science and technology innovation center and the innovation laboratory, accelerate infrastructure including wisdom city and develop network, intelligent snatched the coordinated development of automobile technology, a series of low carbon and key technology research for the digital,We will accelerate the commercialization and application of scientific and technological achievements in cities.(Financial Union reporter Kou Jiandong)