The electric bike burst into flames while the takeout boy was riding!Check your “little electricity”

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At about 14:30 on February 14, at a traffic light intersection in Yuanqiao Town, Huangyan District, Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, a takeout boy driving a battery car after a sudden spontaneous combustion, the situation is very urgent.After receiving the alarm, the fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene immediately and successfully fought with the traffic police on duty.From the surveillance screen, it can be seen that the takeout boy was driving an electric bicycle when he suddenly heard an explosion and thought it was a tire explosion. He quickly stopped the car and found that the battery of the electric bicycle exploded, instantly catching fire. Fortunately, no one was injured.On February 17, an electric vehicle caught fire in an underground garage of Yuxin Street in Kaifeng city. The fire covered an area of 3 square meters and no one was trapped.Jin ‘an Road fire station squadron immediately to deal with it is understood that the electric vehicle fire belongs to the miscellaneous brand assembled vehicle, the part of the fire is electric vehicle battery, due to battery failure fire.Convenient prompt elimination o electric cars become necessary choice but many friends travel electric vehicle caused by fire accident frequency converted without authorization and private pull disorderly wiring capacity battery charging, such as excessive overtime charge is a common electric fire cause together to learn about fire control knowledge scroll left see all graphics clues left left life can’t afford to “bake” test to strengthen daily prevention, starts from me