Son “Seed” 007

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Seed (seed), ◆ seed.○[Cheong][刘大櫆] Jojae Yoon s Official HangangYue leave grain transport, yue help seeds, yue persuade rich people to make it.”○[Sandin] Wind and Waves: Are you here to work or to seed?Seed cotton, ◆ Cotton that has not been seeded after picking.○[Zhao Shuli] “Exercise exercise” : “Emergency method, or based on last year’s experience, the quota is reduced – pick eight jin of seed cotton top a work, to six jin of a work.”Seed (seed), namely seed.○ Lee Dae-woi: I have holes in the ground and my seeds are out of the ground.The friendship between us, like a healthy seed, grows quickly through your hands.See “seed”.Snow seeds, ◆ Dialect.Sunflower seeds.”A room full of guests sitting there eating snow seeds.”Cottonseed cake (cottonseed cake), ◆ cottonseed oil after the cake, can be used as fertilizer, etc.○ Bean cake is strong, cottonseed cake is long.■ Cotton seed oil after the cake, can be used as fertilizer, etc.”Uncle Du ran into the feeding room and brought half a gourd of cotton-seed cake with a broken iron gourd.”Wheat seed (wheat seed), wheat grain.○[Li Jun] visit: Wheat ears grow fat and full, and wheat seeds grow like pomegranate seeds.The seeds of cereal grains.The third scene of Peking Opera “String of Dragon Balls” : “[Xu Da] : ‘Today when the spring is warm, it is the period of cultivation, if you have no seeds in your field, this state will lend you seeds.”[Liu Baiyu] Written when the Sun rises:” The land, the rivers, the woods and the valleys all look brand-new. The seeds sprout in the warm soil, and the breeze is full of sweet juice of life.”Mixer 2. Food;Grains of grain.○[Ming][Liu Ruoyu] “Zhuo Zhong Zhi · The minister of duty summary” : “[Huguang][Chengtianfu], a member of the guard eunuch, pass a, dozens of books……Levy grain, every year into tea fan, gebu, fragrant tea, towel.”○ Draft of Qing Dynasty · Food and Goods Annals 1: “Dingzhi province farming, the officer to help cattle seed, received a third of the grain.”[Duan Quanfa] “Ling Hongdie” : “The accountant looked at the fat seeds, suddenly an idea jumped into his mind.”