Shougang Ski Big Jump: Bring the present wonderful to the future

2022-07-13 0 By

Long Yuemei these days, shougang ski jump platform became a worthy net red card.Here, in addition to the spectacular performances of the athletes, the shougang platform site also became the focus of a lot of media attention.The defunct chimneys and cooling towers of the Shougang industrial park featured prominently in the broadcast of the games as a unique backdrop for athletes as they took to the air.Competition venue has always been one of the concerns of athletes and the society in large-scale games.A unique and innovative competition venue can make athletes feel relaxed and happy, which is conducive to improvisational performance and better competition results.At the same time, it can also attract more attention of the audience, so that the audience harvest more surprises.”Me and all the athletes really liked the platform, we thought it was really good!”On shougang ski jump, Gu Ailing so evaluation.A not fancy nor “luxury” big platform can “go out of the circle”, the recognition of athletes and a lot of praise from the society, the author thinks that the big platform reflects pragmatic and wisdom, let the “old bottle” filled with new wine, good wine.The careful selection of the ski platform site reflects pragmatism and wisdom.Shougang, China’s first state-owned steel plant, began an unprecedented relocation in 2008.Today, there are not only the ski jumping platform, the office area of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, but also the training base of the national team short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling, and the Beijing Winter Olympic Park.Skiing platform selection here, not only can make full use of everything, make full use of the existing resources, give full play to the maximum value, but also the winter Olympics, industrial wind and other elements integrated, do not have artistic conception.The future use of ski jump also reflects pragmatism and wisdom.Sports venues should not only consider the “hot” during the games, but also consider the long-term use after the games.Ski jump at the beginning of planning, fully consider this point.After the Winter Olympics, the ski jump can be “transformed” into skiing, water skiing, grass skiing and so on according to demand.After the Winter Olympics, it will become the world’s first permanent ski jumping venue and open to the public for public leisure and fitness activities.This shows that the ski big jump is not a bonsai shining in the Winter Olympics, but a “scenery” that has been in close contact with the general public for a long time.Shougang ski jump is only a “simple, safe and wonderful” winter Olympics answer.”A glimpse shows the whole leopard.”In many areas of the Winter Olympics, there are many unique, innovative and flexible places, which are the crystallization of Chinese wisdom and Chinese strength.