Scope and standard of milk bottle testing

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Milk bottle, is used to hold the milk of a utensil, generally used for the baby.The bottle itself does not contain a pacifier, only refers to the bottle body, but generally baby bottle manufacturers will give a pacifier with the bottle.Milk bottle detection range: silicone milk bottle, glass milk bottle, plastic milk bottle (PP milk bottle, PC milk bottle, PPSU milk bottle, PES milk bottle), bisphenol milk bottle, anti-bloating milk bottle, AVENT milk bottle, etc.Milk bottle testing items: physical properties, harmful substances, bisphenol A, consumption of potassium permanganate, heavy metals (calculated by Pb), sensory requirements, migration amount, material, strength, hardness, heat resistance, cold resistance, transparency, fall resistance, fluorescent agent, capacity, flow, thickness, etc.Testing standards for baby bottles: BS 7368-1990 specification for baby bottle pacifiers;JIS T9112-1997 milk bottles;Technical specifications of milk bottle cleaning machine;QB/T 4622-2013 glass milk bottles;QB/T 5367-2019 Household steam disinfection pot;T/CPQS MBPAC001-2019 General safety requirements for drinking appliances for children and infants;T/GDAQI 002-2018 baby bottle nipple;T/GDAQI 006-2018 Nipple return air performance test.The above