Keqiao: Explore quality city construction to promote high-quality development and build a demonstration pilot zone for common prosperity

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Zhejiang online March 25 – (correspondent Jin Yueqing) close to the people hope for a better life, around the urban and rural landscape and community construction, KeQiao through natural space, history and culture and the modern construction of the three aspects, the formation of natural beauty, the beauty of humanity, harmonious beauty of the whole big beauty, thereby giving impetus to the high quality of KeQiao future,Show keqiao’s unique temperament, create accessible and experienced urban and rural landscape and community scene, add a heavy color for high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone.In order to comprehensively improve the urban and rural environment of Keqiao District, combined with the opportunity of hosting the Asian Games, Keqiao carried out the renovation and improvement of the urban and rural landscape of “Introducing Asian Games and Improving Environment” throughout the district.At the same time, in order to ensure the efficient progress of the action, the special action team has been set up, and the daily notification mechanism of the construction progress of the project has been established. So far, the meeting has been reported 6 times, and the production and distribution problems have been supervised 5 times.Inverted listing 19 project construction plan, clear each time node and the post responsibility, the daily schedule 2 professional personnel key area to the front line supervision, engineering, line, project meeting every week, to invite technical experts together on the project to promote problem, 10 a resultant force break through the “bottleneck”, under the precondition of ensuring quality to speed up the construction progress.To carry out the digital scene used urban construction management efficiency significantly ke bridge “in zhejiang urban lifeline and underground space comprehensive application”, around the bridge safety risk control, gas safety risk control, security risk prevention and control of water supply and drainage security risk prevention and control (urban waterlogging), road surface collapse safety risk control, underground pipeline safety risk control, etc.At present, the monitoring area of urban operation safety in Keqiao district has been expanded by nearly 4 square kilometers.153 iot sensors for gas, bridge, water supply and drainage have been installed in the early stage. The monitoring platform has received 765 special risk warning data, and the warning accuracy has increased by 18%.The platform is connected to 52 special video surveillance channels, and the monitoring scope is expanded by 8%.Business disposal efficiency increased by 30%.The application effectively improves the efficiency of urban construction management in Keqiao District, reduces the risk of accidents, forms a new mode of urban lifeline safety management, and realizes the accurate identification, scientific warning and efficient response to the operation risk of urban lifeline.At present, Keqiao has completed the compilation of the action plan for the improvement of urban and rural features and won the award of excellent plan.Every year, Keqiao will create 2 urban style sample areas, 1 county style sample area and 1 provincial style sample area, and strive to be listed as a “Model area of Fuchun Mountain Dwelling Map in the New era”.This year, Keqiao will focus on creating a model area of water charm and capital style, striving to create a model area of Fuchun Mountain Residence map city in the new era.According to introducing, this project will focus on mining from style transformation, space, industry forms, traffic organization, such as facilities for planning and design, involved in 11 projects, are expected to invest 490 million yuan, urban landscape model all shui yun spinning area into a traditional market model and lead KeQiao city of the transformation and upgrading of the momentum of development.Future community, rural construction have already showing results “future community” for the cities, rural country “future”, grasps the concept, the current KeQiao is focus on to the second batch of pilot, the third batch of project construction, complete the fourth batch of future community (American community) and the first batch of the future village (shadbush, xiang Lin) to declare,The fifth batch of future community applications and urban community planning were carried out.In the future, Keqiao will carry out the pilot project of the whole future community in Keyan Street. It plans to apply for 3 communities in each batch, and build the whole future community by 2025, forming the future community brand with Keqiao characteristics.Explore the construction and sustainable operation of digital platform of district-level community in the future, promote the efficient and comprehensive utilization of information resources, reduce the digital construction cost of single project, and achieve sustainable operation in the later stage;Create future community and areas helped push the market transformation and upgrading, created by American head future community, canals, renovate, the reshaping of the formats, digital platform construction, public space organization (the “digital textile city” platform to be included in the Numbers assigned to the provincial list), the China textile city into a market transformation and upgrading of the sample under the new economic era.Recently, Beautiful town cluster of Jishan and Shunyuan in Keqiao District has been included in the cultivation list of typical cases of beautiful town cluster in 2022.Taking this opportunity, Keqiao combined the model area of Ancient memory county style of Shunyuan with the beautiful town. Through the creation of the model area, the cluster development needs coordination and coordination, and the scenery zone of the county needs linkage and excellence, so as to form the industrial co-prosperity alliance.At present, Keqiao is sorting out and filling in the database of beautiful town cluster construction projects, and further improving the policy mechanism of “one town, one policy”, regular notification, listing sales numbers and so on.And carry out the “beautiful butterfly change, witness together” and other actions, through the way of taking photos, showing progress, exhibition results, accelerate the project, a batch of projects completed by the end of June, optimize the overall environment, substantially improve the quality of the town.