“I do practical things for the masses” The mailbox of the director of guangdong Public Security bureau received a letter of praise and thanks from the masses of Shanxi

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On January 21, guangdong Provincial public Security Bureau chief mailbox received a letter from thousands of miles away in Shanxi Shuozhou Yingxian Hao letter said: “With the assistance and help of police officer Qiu Donghong I arrived in advance of the home shanxi vehicle transfer procedures were also handled for me on January 21…Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to this officer. You are a good policeman of the people. “After the incident, AH Hao bought a car with Chaozhou license plate in the auction of Dongguan Court on January 12, and needed to go to the Vehicle Management Bureau of the Traffic Police Detachment of Chaozhou Public Security Bureau to handle the ownership transfer formalities.When he went to handle it, he found that the materials he took were not complete. The original documents related to the court auction were still in dongguan court, which could not be handled normally.Qiu Donghong, a police officer of the Traffic Police Detachment of chaozhou Public Security Bureau who was in charge of handling the case, was anxious to meet the needs of the masses. Considering that Ah Hao’s home was far away in Shanxi and the current epidemic prevention and control situation was relatively severe, it was very inconvenient to transfer information back and forth, he reported to the leaders of the bureau and decided to simplify the procedures.She took the initiative to contact the Dongguan court, and with the cooperation of the Dongguan court, she checked the relevant legal procedures by video, and entrusted the other party to send the relevant procedures to the Vehicle Management Bureau of Chaozhou Traffic Police.On this basis, in advance to ah Hao for good related procedures, so that it can return home in time.Later, she received the dongguan court after the legal procedures, and then the final transfer procedures for good, and transfer materials sent to O HAO himself.Qiu Donghong’s enthusiastic action to solve problems for the masses is an epitome of chaozhou public security to create efficient, safe, smooth, intelligent and warm Spring Festival transport