Yan Yu Fu: What a pity

2022-07-12 0 By

Yan Yu Fu, a TV series starring Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi, is currently a hit on Tencent.This play, in addition to the heroine’s love view reality and love line some idealization, generally speaking, there is no big problem.Or, more to the point, story-wise, it could have been better, but it was a pity.I have seen a sentence somewhere that I think is particularly suitable for this play: “The script decides the production line of a play, while the actors decide the upper limit of a play”.And this play in this problem, some small flaws, mainly female actor Qiuyan Qiao Xin.Of course, I’m not saying qiao Xin is not beautiful or good at acting, but I don’t know why. I’ve seen her in several TV series, including Ode to Joy, Rose of The Time of Minor Storm and Sleeping Garden.But I don’t know why, Qiao Xin to the personal feeling, some kind of assimilation, very beautiful, but there is always something bad, said that the acting is not good, some too strict, say ok, and feel against his will, so that the individual can not enter the play.In addition to acting, the production of this play, also give an individual a kind of cheap sense, the initial play, individuals feel surprised, Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi although the distance from the top flow has a distance, but resources are not so bad, actually reduced to play such a play.Blow on the cheap clothes change the way, as “split wood in” the name of the same, perfunctory, but for the plot to force, it is really difficult to let the individual to chase drama.In general, this drama is a pity, acting and production do not match the plot, if the female acting better, clothing and set to give more power, this drama will certainly be more popular than now, unfortunately.Note: all pictures are from the Internet, deleted.