Want loan to buy a house, accumulation fund how to be attached?

2022-07-12 0 By

After 90 all arrived the age that buys a house, chat with friend sometimes mortgage, it is loan almost money, why do some people return amount of each month to buy less than oneself so much?Ask carefully just know, because the family has accumulation fund, your loan is business loan, he is accumulation fund loan, interest rate is different.Wuhan provident fund is generally the company to pay the staff voluntarily, if your company does not pay, or you are a free occupation, then you can only rely on their own.How does accumulation fund hang on?Look for a regular qualified human resources company in this place, hang on to hand in accumulation fund.Accumulation fund charge needs to assume by oneself of pay person, still need to pay a few acting capture service charge to acting capture organization again additionally.Different institutions charge different standards, generally ranging from dozens to one hundred or two hundred per month, too cheap or too expensive are not good oh.Good agency pay the price is moderate, the service charge is one-time, there is no follow-up hidden charge.Besides, we have a perfect pre-sale and after-sales system, and will take the initiative to understand your housing loan needs, so as to formulate a payment plan one to one.After all, the ultimate purpose of provident fund payment is loan, if there is no monthly payment plan, it does not mean much.How does accumulation fund hang on, the method is so simple.You can hand in accumulation fund every month after dealing with success, all can be completed on the phone, very convenient.See you next time!