TVB male entertainer Huang Xiangxing posted a photo of his family celebrating the birth of their youngest son

2022-07-12 0 By

Many of the male actors in TVB are family men, and there is even one man who gave up his career for his family, and now the family of five is living a happy life.Recently, his son celebrated his second birthday, and the family had a wonderful time at home.And in the Spring Festival, their family will put on their own clothes, take pictures of their family, a very happy look.The name huang Xiangxing, we may feel some strange, because since his debut, the name has changed several times, but his face is remembered by many people.Because of his size and looks, Huang xiangxing’s acting skills are already set, but also impressive.Huang xiangxing had a chance to rise to the top before, but for some family reasons, he gave it up.In the play, he has a happy family and a family of five.Recently, his son celebrated his second birthday with the whole family at home.Netizens found that Huang xiangxing’s child looks exactly like him, and the photo of the family of five is very sweet.At this time, the family is very happy, because in addition to the son’s birthday, there is also the Chinese New Year.Huang xiangxing also posted a warm family photo during the Spring Festival, which shows the whole family wearing the same style of parent-child clothes in two different colors.From their photos, we can see that the family has a good relationship, and the children are wearing innocent smiles on their faces.Although Huang Xiangxing is not the star of TVB any more, but his business mind is very good, he has been doing food, he has done so many years, and recently he has done some catering things, the family life is not bad.