ALTA Mountain Innovation and Research Center of Zhouyu Design Group was inaugurated

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Recently, the opening ceremony of ALTA Mountain Innovation and Research Center of Zhouyu Design Group was successfully held in Zhouyu Chongqing Company.Gao Song, CEO of the Group, Yu Minhong, chief engineer of the group, Li Minhong, general manager of Chongqing Company, Peng Renfeng, director of ALTA Mountain Innovation and Research Center, Liu Zhengxiao, deputy director of ALTA Mountain Innovation and Research Center, chongqing structural experts, geotechnical experts, as well as all employees of Zhouyu Chongqing Company and center, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.”Landscape and natural feelings are the cultural genes engraved in the bones of every Chinese.It can be seen from Du Mu’s “There is a family in the depths of the white clouds and a slanting stone path in the remote cold mountain” to the song Dynasty huizong’s examination question “The ancient temple hidden in the deep mountains”.When the architecture meets the mountain, when the nature merges into the city, what kind of spark will burst out?At the beginning of the event, Mr. Gao Song, CEO of the Group, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests for their presence on behalf of the group.He reviewed the years of practice and exploration of Zhouyu Design Group, the project footprint throughout the country, covering all aspects of building types, the establishment of a real estate industry chain design and service team covering architecture, planning, landscape, interior, TOD, BIM, design general contracting, curtain wall design, smart life, etc.In the creation of the project, we have encountered various problems. Our architects are good at listening to the different demands of the client, and propose some very touching solutions together with the client, and further turn these solutions into reality through the technical level or design level.High total wish ALTA mountain can research center based in chongqing, carry forward the continent yu spirit, to quality and customer first concept deeply rooted in the heart, for owner to provide the most perfect mountain building plan, will be the center for the hill country of the national first-class brand, hope centers across China in the near future every mountain building in the city.Then, Mr. Peng Renfeng, director of ALTA Mountain Innovation research Center, made a speech.Director Peng said that with the continuous expansion of the city boundary to the surrounding mountainous areas, as well as a large number of ecological culture, tourism and health buildings in the mountainous areas, the emergence of the center is another correct decision of Zhouyu Design Group.Director Peng said that the center will strengthen the team strength construction, strictly in accordance with the high requirements of the group to steadily advance the work, using the advantages of the GROUP’s BIM business section, deepen product research and development, so that ALTA mountain innovation and Research Center will become a perfect jigsaw of Zhouyu Design Group, I believe that the group will be more perfect because of the establishment of the center.On behalf of The Group, Gao awarded the badge to Li Minhong, general manager of Chongqing Company, and all the leaders unveiled the badge for the center, marking the formal establishment of ALTA Mountain Innovation and Research Center of Zhouyu Design Group.Lee Min-hong (left) and Gao Song (right) about ALTA Mountain Innovation Research Center “70% of China’s land is mountainous. With the development of urbanization, mountain construction will become a development trend of The Times.Mountains usually have better natural environments, but they are also more difficult and expensive to engineer.Difficulty of the design of the mountain is very complex, its system is the ground several times, and the design has no copy, need fusion engineering element such as topography, emotional nature, philosophy elements of the regional cultural elements, such as water lines vegetation ecological elements, the contact element such as traffic organization, building form elements such as performance, construction costs and other economic elements.Therefore, mountain design can not completely follow the principles, laws or common sense explained and emphasized by textbooks, but often surprise and unexpected.These irregularities are the logical results of adapting to the characteristics and laws of mountain cities: they bear the daily life of mountain cities very vividly.To solve the problem of mountain design, the first step is to establish a systematic concept.Mountain design involves general plan, road, building, basement, foundation, slope retaining wall, earth and stone, flood control and drainage, construction operation and other elements, must be an overall systematic consideration, comprehensive research and judgment.Therefore, mountain design needs rich experience and unique methods, and the coordination and cooperation of professional teams in planning, architecture, structure, rock and soil, and comprehensive pipe network can be completed successfully.Mountain cost control is one of the most important achievements of mountain design. As a shaper of living environment, ALTA has the obligation to create a better spiritual habitat with fewer resources.ALTA mountain research center is a powerful backed by state space design group resource advantages, mountain design as the core, with powerful mountain expert repository, mountain experienced professional designers, using modern design tools such as BIM, always adhere to minimize cost, value maximization, the principle of engineering and facilitation, take “the heart, to the good and beyond” as the core value pursuit,To provide the owner with the whole process of mountain building design and optimization, geotechnical slope special design and optimization, mountain BIM design and other whole process design services, attentively present more high-quality works and services.The center has rich design experience in solving large height difference and large site slope. With unique site speed judgment theory, it can make directional judgment and fine design for site design strategy in a short time, and comprehensively solve multi-dimensional problems such as cost, quality and construction.Before the official opening, it has served owners in Beijing, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong and other places.With professional technical ability, strong sense of service, and efficient work efficiency, the company has been highly praised and affirmed by many party A for many times.When architecture meets mountain, when nature merges into city, it is the beginning of a beautiful story.ALTA mountain and the establishment of the research center, marks the group had the great development and design category, we believe that the center to train of thought, which are full of energy, broad will position itself can become a special combat team, a tremendous achievement in the mountainous region construction market share of the market, for rapid development of group contribution strength, development contribution strength for the construction of mountain cities in China.