Yunnan Province: Party Construction leads village Collective Economic Development out of “Five Paths”

2022-07-11 0 By

In recent years, Based on the resource endowment and basic conditions of each village, Yunnan Meili vigorously promoted the grassroots Party organizations to actively explore the development path of village collective economy, and formed five types of village collective economic development models, which provided reference for the development of village collective economy and effectively improved the effectiveness of village collective economic development.As a whole, the integration of funds “to make money”.Strengthen the overall planning of municipal financial funds, poverty alleviation funds, village-level self-owned funds and other existing funds, break up the parts into a whole, unified control, group development.Xishuobai Village of Xinshao Town adopts the development mode of collective investment and villagers’ equity, and has established four collective enterprises including Hewan Cement Factory. In 2021, the total income of villainy-level collective economy will reach 460 million yuan.The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee will integrate the capital of 20 central village-level collective economic projects of 10 million yuan in 2021 to invest in “The Comprehensive Utilization project of Natural Gas in The Industrial Park”, bringing 50,000 yuan of equipment rental income for each village every year.Develop idle assets to “make money from things”.To carry out a large-scale inventory of village-level collective fixed assets and resources, get a full understanding of the “three assets”, transform and package idle village-level collective fixed assets through share cooperation, asset management, resource leasing, service income increase, village-enterprise joint operation and other modes, and promote the value preservation and increase of assets.Miyang Street Chengguan Community adopts the development mode of “branch + company” to establish a real estate development company, which uses idle land to develop 150 commercial houses and 74 shops, achieving annual income of more than 6 million yuan.Activate the advantage of land to “make money from land”.Through centralized continuous land transfer and land leasing, the land agglomeration effect should be amplified, and key enterprises should be introduced to enhance the development capacity of village communities.Hongxi Town takes the opportunity of building “10,000 mu flower Industrial Park” and adopts the mode of “Party organization + enterprise + peasant household” to provide continuous land transfer services for enterprises.At present, it has transferred 12,400 mu of land, introduced yunnan Zhendong, Zhejiang Haifeng and other flower enterprises to enter, and realized the annual income of village collective economy of 2.13 million yuan.Among the 98 village (residential) groups in the town, the average collective income of the village reached 95,200 yuan, and 80.6% of the village (residential) groups had collective income, which extended the coverage of collective economy to villagers’ groups.Miyang Street Zhangbao community adopts the mode of land leasing, the party branch, group leasing farmers scattered land, unified by the collective “three access and one level” sorting, and then lease to enterprises and farmers planting, at present, the realization of all kinds of site leasing annual income of more than 500,000 yuan.The integrated development of agriculture and tourism “generates wealth from scenery”.We should give full play to the advantages of ecological resources, fully tap the potential of services, raise the level of industries and the added value of products through innovation of ideas, and bring prosperity and income to the people.West composed of ant village take “the party leading the + + rural revitalization” text brigade fusion model of development, with the advantages in the national ecological culture can city town, by the “village collective + + company party member”, through the following service projects, organize workers and provide employment services, which can realize the village-level collective economy income each year more than ten thousand yuan, the whole town labor transfer employment of more than 500 people.Diversified cooperative operations “make use of the current situation to generate profits”.Adopt “1+X” a variety of models, the introduction of excellent enterprises, planting expert strength and other advantages, and the party organization cooperation to develop collective economy.Wushan Village Shegu village Committee, zeshu village Committee adopts the “General Party branch + company + cooperatives + farmers” model to become a shareholder of Wen Type group to develop the pig breeding industry;Niuping village committee adopts the mode of “General Party branch + company + peasant household” to develop ginseng fruit industry of 420 mu, with an annual output of 600 tons;The four village committees have established the model of “Party general support + cooperative + farmer” with The FATEk Egg Farm in Maitreya city to raise 200,000 broilers, with an annual output of 2,500 tons of eggs and 1,000 tons of poultry meat. In 2021, the collective economy of the village will reach 180,400 yuan.Yunnan net correspondent Mi Tuxuan