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“Fresh meat suddenly beats because of parasites” and “Children should take half the dose of COVID-19 vaccine”To uncover the truth of the January 2022 science Myths list, read the authoritative interpretation.The monthly list of “scientific” rumors is jointly published by Beijing Science and Technology Association, Beijing Municipal Cyberspace Administration office and Capital Internet Association, and jointly released by Beijing Science and Technology Journalists and Editors Association and websites in Beijing.It is supported by Science Reporters and Editors Committee of China Science Writers Association, Science Editors and Journalists Association of China Evening News, Shanghai Science and Technology Communication Association and Science and Technology Information Institute of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology.Tonga volcano eruption could cause ‘year without Summer’?Myth: After the tonga volcano eruption, a large amount of ash into the stratosphere can not settle for a long time, creating the “sunshade effect”, will cause the global temperature drop “no summer year”.Fact: Volcanoes do “cool” the Earth, mainly because they inject sulfur-containing aerosols into the atmosphere, which reflect more sunlight out of the stratosphere, creating a cooling effect in the atmosphere.The Eruption index (VEI) of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which caused the global average temperature to drop by 0.5 ° C, is level 6, and its 1991 eruption released 20,000 kilotons of sulfur dioxide.The eruption of tonga is estimated to have a VEI level of 5-6, but the sulfur dioxide release on the first day of the eruption was only 62 kilotons, which would not have a great impact on global temperature and would not cause a “year without a summer”.At present, the Tongan volcano is still active and further monitoring of its activity is required.If no larger eruptions follow, global temperatures will not be affected for the time being.Cheaper to fill up sooner or later?Myth: Gasoline is charged by volume, and by expanding and contracting, the same quality of gasoline is smaller in the morning and night when the temperature is lower, so it’s more cost-effective to fill up in the morning and evening.Fact: It’s not true that filling up sooner or later is cheaper.At present, gas stations are built with underground storage, and have a certain degree of protection layer, gasoline is stored in constant temperature all the year round, will not be affected by the outside temperature.Even if the early technical level can not reach the current standard, can not realize the underground constant temperature storage of oil, gasoline under different temperature conditions, the density change is not big, the price difference is very small.Is fresh meat suddenly jumpy have parasite?Myth: Watch out for meat that bounces spontaneously as it’s a sign of parasites.Fact: The fact that freshly butchered meat bounces is not a sign of parasites, but a sign that the meat is fresh and has been slaughtered for a short time.Shortly after slaughter, the central nerve of fresh meat is dead, but the nerve endings around the muscle are not completely dead, and the energy substance adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the muscle has not been exhausted.As a result, muscles can also beat under mild external stimulation, which is also known as the “supergenic response.”After a period of slaughter, the ATP in the meat is exhausted, and the muscle fibers lock up and stop beating.Prepared food is stale and contains preservatives?Myth: Compared to fresh dishes, this year’s most popular Spring Festival eve meals are no longer fresh after being frozen and reheated. Some of them can be stored for up to a year and must contain additives and preservatives.Fact: Prepared meals are no different from what we eat, with no added preservatives.The standardized and traceable production and processing process will make the taste of dishes more stable and the quality safer.Factory prepared dishes are standardised, and consumers can take them home and heat them up on a gas stove to restore their flavor, which is just as restorative as a ready-cooked meal.Most prepared dishes are cooked at high temperatures, a process that kills bacteria;Then using liquid nitrogen and other quick-freezing technology, through ultra-low temperature, can completely inhibit microbial reproduction, so there is no need to add additional preservatives.Prepared dishes, on the other hand, are required by packaging standards to list all the ingredients, so the list of ingredients will appear in the condiments used.But that doesn’t mean prepared dishes have more additives than house meals or homemade dishes.Even foods that consumers buy and cook themselves often contain additives.As long as it conforms to the national standards for additives, the rational use of additives will not cause harm to human body.Dose of COVID-19 vaccine for children needs to be halved?Myth: For most children, use half or less medication for adults.The dose of COVID-19 vaccine given to children also needs to be halved or the body becomes “overloaded”.Fact: Currently, the doses and ingredients of COVID-19 vaccines are exactly the same for all ages, including children.It is a global practice to use uniform doses while ensuring safety.Some doses of therapeutic drugs take weight into account, while others also take body surface area into account, which is related to pharmacokinetic studies of drugs in vivo and liver metabolism.However, the mechanism of vaccines is different from that of therapeutic drugs. The antigens in vaccines are not directly “effective” after entering the body, but are presented by the immune system. Immune cells recognize the antigens and produce antibodies, which then play a role in blocking viral infection or preventing disease.The above process has no correlation with body surface area and body weight.In fact, the vast majority of vaccines are given at doses that do not differentiate between adults and children.For example, hepatitis B vaccine, cervical cancer vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, there is no population dose difference.In terms of mechanism, after the vaccine enters the child’s body, the antibody production mechanism and the adult is exactly the same, there is no difference.”Cold fireworks” low temperature, discharge is not dangerous?Myth: As the name implies, “cold fireworks” discharge temperature is low, does not belong to fireworks and other dangerous goods.Truth: The name “cold fireworks” can be misleading, they not only belong to fireworks, and the basic attributes of flammable and explosive dangerous goods have not changed.When “fairy stick” and “electronic fireworks” are set off, the temperature of the flame (spark) drops rapidly after ejection. The temperature at 20cm away from the jet drops to about 80℃, and the temperature at 50cm away from the jet drops to about 40℃, so it is commonly known as “cold fireworks”.When discharging such products, the temperature at the nozzle is as high as 700-800℃, but it can still burn the human body and ignite inflammables.Therefore, in the production, operation, storage, setting off “cold fireworks”, still must strictly abide by the relevant fireworks safety management provisions.When setting off “cold fireworks” by the public, safety measures generally applicable to fireworks products should be taken. It is strictly prohibited to set off fireworks indoors or in any places where fireworks are prohibited.Baby wearing diapers causes’ O-legs’?Myth: Nappies cause baby’s legs to fail to close together, resulting in ‘O-legs’ as the baby grows up!Fact: O-legs have nothing to do with diapers.The fetus is curled up in the mother’s stomach with o-shaped legs, which continue after birth to about 2 years of age and is normal.After the age of 2, as babies learn to walk and squat, in order to adapt to physiological needs, their lower limbs will adjust themselves and gradually become “X” shaped appearance, to 4-5 years old when the degree of “X” is often the most obvious.After age six, the “X” curve gradually decreases.By about 7 to 8 years of age, the legs gradually develop an adult-like appearance.The current design of disposable diapers has no restrictions on the movement of the baby’s legs, which can be naturally extended and regularly moved to enable normal development of joints and muscles.Therefore, “O-legs” in babies before age 2 are a normal developmental condition, not caused by diapers.If there is really an abnormal situation, it can not be ignored, we must take the baby to the hospital to accept the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, do not correct themselves.Source: Beijing Science and Technology News