The General Assembly will vote

2022-07-11 0 By

United Nations, April 6 (AP) — The United Nations General Assembly will vote Wednesday on whether to suspend Russia from the U.n. Human Rights Council.Us Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield had called for Russia to be stripped of its membership of the UN Human Rights Council after video and photographs emerged of what appeared to be civilian bodies strewn in the streets of Bucha, a town outside Kiev, the report said.Videos and reports from the town have sent shockwaves around the world, prompting calls for tougher sanctions against Russia.Russia has steadfastly denied any responsibility.Although the UN Human Rights Council is based in Geneva, its members are reportedly elected by the 193-nation UN General Assembly for three-year terms.The resolution that established the Human Rights Council in March 2006 stated that the General Assembly could suspend a country for “gross and systematic violations of human rights.”To pass, the resolution would need a majority of more than two-thirds of the vote, the report added.Abstention does not count.