Qinhuangdao Haiyang Museum Project/Yuandao International AND

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The project is located in Haiyang area of Qinhuangdao Harbour area, the land nature is the land for cultural facilities, the land area is about 19.33 mu, the ground building area is about 12,800 square meters, the whole plot is long from north to south, narrow from east to west, showing irregular belt distribution.The proposed planning conditions require floor area ratio < 1.0, building density ≤35%, green land rate ≥35%, and building height limit of 28 meters. According to the control regulations, the plot is marked as "Haiyang History Museum".Location analysis a. The location of the project is 6.6km away from Qinhuangdao Station in the east, 7.6km away from Qinhuangdao Port, 67, 3km away from Beidaihe International Airport in the south, and close to Beijing-Harbin Expressway with convenient transportation b.The main flow of people to the base is concentrated on the west side of the plot, while the west and south sides of the base are the key display surface around the site A.Since riverside Avenue on the west side of the base is the main flow direction, the entrance and exit of the base are set on the west side;According to the relationship between the site and the surrounding environment, landscape nodes are set on the west side, north side and south side to echo the entrance and surrounding landscape.B. On the east side of the landscape base is the natural landscape of Datang River, which is integrated and unified with the riverside landscape green belt, with good landscape resources.A. Concept -- The architectural elements of The Liao Dynasty explore and excavate the history of Haiyang Ancient Town to show the architectural style of the Liao dynasty architecture. Drawing on the gentle slope and beautiful architectural form of hip Roof, the modern architecture and Chinese traditional culture will be combined to give the building a specific cultural heritage.B. Concept -- Tanghe Culture Tanghe river has a long history and is qinhuangdao's mother river."Good is like water, water benefits all things without dispute", calm contains power, nourishing the vegetation along the river, along their own way to the sea.Therefore, the river is taken as the element to extract the turbulent vortex form when the river enters the Bohai Sea and forms a monomer architectural shape with visual impact.1. The site is long and narrow, in the form of a blade.2. The main flow direction is from southwest to northeast.3. Divided into 3 building volumes according to the function, and optimized the form according to the height difference.The office entrance is a private space.4. Rotate the building form, the roof is raised, expand the lighting surface, good ventilation.5. Introduction of traditional slope roof elements, facade cutting, shape optimization.6. Three-dimensional traffic is introduced to connect the inside and outside of the private space and optimize the landscape.The flexible interaction between the architecture and the landscape, the roof of the building and the site connection, so that the experience of the building and the experience of the site throughout the whole;▲ Northeast bird's eye view effect drawing with the whole "water vortex" as the center, the architectural form continues to extend, in order to show the tension of the river, forming an architectural image with visual impact;▲ Southwest bird's eye view renderings show the overall shape of water flow, using modern Chinese style, mainly wooden and stone;It integrates with the surrounding natural environment and establishes a harmonious relationship with the site buildings.Architectural design: facade/roof/color and material building facade modeling of Chinese traditional cultural elements, modern materials and water elements together, the traditional Chinese architectural culture is applied to modern architecture, the overall presentation of modern Chinese style.The color and materials used in the architectural design are also closely related to the above cultural elements: the aluminum pipes on the roof are directly inspired by the circular roof tiles in traditional Chinese architecture;Wood grille increases the rhythm of the facade, with a modern sense;The entrance facade is made of Mosaic collage style blue and white gradient glass, thus evoking the waves of a riptide.The architectural design is elegant, but the structure is basically a traditional frame structure, supplemented by part of the large span steel structure (red area), which can create an elegant and smooth shape at a low cost.Interior renderings ▲ Sand table display area design renderings ▲ Exhibition hall design renderings ▲ Marketing area design renderings technical drawings ▲ First floor plan ▲ Second floor plan ▲ Three floor plan ▲ four floor plan ▲ West facade ▲ East facade ▲3-3 profile ▲4-4 profile Design Time: 2021.05~2021.06 Base area:Design Company: Beijing Yuandao Tonghe Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD. Project Director: Hou Yi, Zhao Chao Design Team: Li Jiao, Wu Zhangdong, Sun Chang, Zhang Lu, Wang Yijie, Hong Yujie, Zhang Lu, Bai Xiaohui