System alert!Mianzhu traffic police precise control interception, down

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To prevent and reduce road traffic accidents this year mianzhu city traffic police brigade jurisdiction based actual forward “have been supervised tourism officials” system comprehensively deepen the application of precision strike fake card deck, overdue on “problems”, such as vehicle traffic police brigade by 1 to 3 month “have been supervised tourism officials” system to investigate and punish all kinds of traffic illegal act 500 up to maintain the area of road traffic safety situation has steadilySequence recently, traffic police Liu Hongbo and colleagues in Mianguang Road on duty, suddenly received the “arrest and distribution control” system sent a warning message: a silver minivan overdue illegal behavior, was driving along mianzhu road toward the urban direction.After receiving the warning information, Liu Hongbo immediately deployed control in the section of the road, precise interception of vehicles.Through the on-site inspection of the vehicle has been more than three cycles not annual review belongs to the scrapped vehicle “ORIGINALLY I intended to put this car idle, so there was no last year, did not think of luck on the road, was caught.”Driving scrapped vehicles can easily lead to traffic accidents with unimaginable consequences.”On the afternoon of March 28, a traffic policeman who was on duty on Dea Road received a warning from the “Arrest, distribution and Control” system that the driver of a black car had an abnormal driving license.After receiving instructions, traffic police quickly deployed control, its successful interception.However, when the traffic police asked the driver to show the relevant documents, the driver claimed to have left his license at home.After the traffic police site inspection of the driver’s driving license overdue traffic police fined it according to law “‘ arrest and distribution control ‘system put into use, completely changed the past every car will be checked, huge crowd tactical mode, to achieve accurate warning, scientific police, precision strike.Traffic police told us that the system can automatically monitor real-time illegal vehicles, the overdue inspection, abnormal scrap fails, all the driver’s license, such as illegal unprocessed vehicle automatic warning, but can be by the traffic police departments have been supervised artificial key suspected vehicles, the escape of false card deck, accidents have been supervised, the vehicles involved in early warning, greatly improve the pavement law enforcement efficiency,At present, it has been applied to the regular duty work of traffic police.◐ is understood to be the traffic police brigade is currently being carried out in the whole city traffic violation rectification action, traffic police have been supervised “tourism officials” system will also be brought into play advantages, through the “white + black” patrol “set up checked posts +” “fixed-point + wrong peak on duty” mode, in key sections set traffic safety inspection site, combined current patrol and fixed on duty service way,To the false license set, no license without license, drunk driving and other traffic violations, to achieve all-round, no blind corner of the investigation and control, to ensure that not out of control, no leakage of control.◐ make full use of the road law enforcement duty, on-site processing or correction of traffic violations of the opportunity, adhere to both processing and education.◐ through the issuance of publicity manuals, explain standardized driving operation, civilized driving, etc., to remind illegal drivers to consciously resist bad traffic habits, achieve safe driving, civilized travel, and jointly create a safe, smooth and civilized road traffic environment.Xiaobian here to remind the majority of drivers at any time do not hold the psychological luck to strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations to achieve safe driving civilized travel quickly move your finger forward so that more people around you know that what you see may be what others need