Market four even Yang, next week facing short-term adjustment, 400 billion track is expected to strengthen independently

2022-07-10 0 By

Back 2 days, up 4 days, this week the market continues to rise, the year of the Tiger in the first two weeks of 10 trading days of the market is 8 up 2 down, maintain a strong upward momentum, but after 4 Yang and a callback demand, the upper pressure is still heavy, the bottom grinding process has not ended, back to step reinforcement can better rise.Early technology trend, the market is bottoming out, even Yang zhou line 2, in February and last week, weekly level is expected to hit three Yang, but the question of how much want to see the back of the early on, the peripheral market fell again, certainly will affect the a-share market rebound rhythm, in fact, the market opened lower Friday high walk didn’t follow outside dish, early next week even callback space is limited,The pressure area is the 3500 mark first, and then the 30-day line at 3513. The weekly pressure level is heavier, and the 20-week, 30-week and 60-week lines gather around 3550. Is it too great to break through at one stroke?That is to say, and march at the beginning of next week’s expectations of the index shoulds not be too demanding, don’t fall, steady progress, the gem is a bottom this week, than the Shanghai composite index finished the week, some extent, if the Shanghai composite index adjustment, is advantageous to the gem, gem has the economy is in catch-up mode demand, the gem first Friday callback, seek to attack after 2800 points to 2900.Disk hot point of view, this week is, and the situation of rapid rotation, both of large-cap and small-cap basically have rebounded, but we said that there is no rose broadly, differentiation in advance is the main characteristic of the institutional market, funds are targeted attack on plate, which satisfy the condition is that a policy guidance, “east west are” project open last week,This is an important part of the new infrastructure, is an extension of the digital economy, over the past week old infrastructure teamed up, infrastructure sector out of the strong performance, the demon was born 10 days nine rebounds strands of zhejiang construction, honestly state shares five plate, and ningbo construction, anhui construction, hangzhou botanical garden and so on strong stocks, old construction and the strength of the rebound project starting early this year, investment scale,And new infrastructure projects are national key on the prominent position, at this time the old and new infrastructure collision has really brought to the market more investment opportunities, old construction estimate sustainable co., LTD., here we focus on the potential new infrastructure, and the larger the number of the Middle East west project investment of more than 400 billion each year, and annual growth rate tip amplitude is bigger, stronger.Digital economy and the winter Olympics let digital currency up two waves, digital currency, large data become a key, this is also the east west are top priority, the east west are engineering tuyere, let the data center of related industrial chain site Friday have harden, big data itself is part of the digital economy, superposition of east west are engineering, so to the big data, cloud computing, homebred software,5G communication and other related technology companies bring greater opportunities, this area is certainly the object of capital mining, and easy to be born 10 times the bull stocks.From last week’s sector performance, low valuations and high-growth is the main line, low financial, cycle resource stocks, as well as the super down new energy rebound in brewing, growth better science and technology, military industry also dropped out of the opportunity, at the beginning of the exponential bottom, stocks have rebounded, but who can go further, must be related to the track, like last year, grasp the main line, choose the right track is very critical, track by the way,Index goes up much go up little indifferent, next week continue to see red digital economy and east number west calculate the opportunity!